I won’t pretend I can even imagine what this is like for you, but you are amazing. Some say the first and second are the worst. All is not right with the world. I hope you have finished all your treatments & are well on the way to recovery. Friends do call but I can’t answer the phone, I’m not happy enough to talk and my mouth is sore. Which is not necessarily the case. Luckily, I am still working. A little about AC Chemo and what is Chemotherapy like. Risk of Infections. And it’s a lovely sunny day outside. Thankfully we have two bathrooms or things could get very difficult. It can be given as a drip to flush it through and this gives you a set of treatment over time. Metastaticdisease Adriamycin is sometimes combined with Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) and/or 5-fluorouracilto make a cocktail of breast-cancer-fighting chemotherapy drugs. Much love and lots of hugs xxx, Oh thank you so so much lovely, that means the world to me x x, Bloody hell I just want to give you a huge hug. You’re incredibly brave and giving an honest account will definitely help you and anyone who reads it. First of all, chemo is a drag. The Devil made my mouth hurt and I had a horrible metallic taste in my mouth throughout chemo. x x, This is incredible. Just keep moving forward. Reading your blog has been the most helpful thing I have come across yet, by far. I wish you all the best with the treatment, fingers crossed the second set is not as bad. Required fields are marked *. On Day 16 I’m much better again. I felt great the afternoon after treatment and the next day as well. After chemo I had surgery and the mass was removed along with one node under my arm. My after effects of chemotherapy started again the day after treatment, with severe nausea and heartburn. As the days go on, I feel slowly more and more poisoned. I’m in a permanent state of confusion and memory loss. I have to flush the toilet twice each time with the lid down. My reason for searching is re-connecting with a good friend who has 2 young children; and he also has stage 2 lymphoma. x x. I’ve been following your posts and will continue to. I also increase my water intake to 80 ozs per day on day before, day of, and 2-3 days after red devil. I feel insanely guilty I didn’t realise just how harrowing chemo is when a University friend was going through it. Despite the steroid-bloated face, my pale and sallow skin and my sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. I was not looking forward to it, and I knew I had a long winter ahead of me. I hope that your next round of chemo are a little easier on you. That it would be easier. Ii Naomasa (1561–1602), Japanese general known as the Red Devil, and the unit he led was known as the Red Devils; Camille Jenatzy, a Belgian race car driver nicknamed Le Diable Rouge (The Red Devil); Manfred von Richthofen, a German fighter ace nicknamed Le Diable Rouge (The Red Devil) by his enemies; Animals.   In general, more research is needed on the effectiveness of cold cap treatments. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is because the chemotherapy drugs may affect the child adversely especially in the development of the baby. on "19 Doxorubicin ‘Red Devil’ Chemo Drug Side Effects: A Comprehensive View", 93 Chemotherapy Side Effects Remedies and Tips for Cancer Patients to Improve Quality of Life. It’s weird how sometimes you don’t feel like talking to people, but you don’t want to be abandoned either. Doxorubicin, known as the generic name of Adriamycin or Rubex, is a cytotoxic chemotherapy drug used for various cancer treatment. The condition is referred to as palmar-plantar syndrome. Thank you for sharing your brutal and honest account of your treatment. If the level of red blood cells is low, then less oxygen is getting to the cells hence cause breathlessness and makes one look pale. I would hate to add to the complications of chemotherapy horror stories already online. After the first chemotherapy treatment was so tough with the chest infection almost killing me (not much of an exaggeration), I was really hopeful that this time, without the infection, I would cope with the chemotherapy treatment side effects much better. Here are my suggestions for how to survive chemo: Drink LOTS of liquids. This may take several months. Hi Lana! It’s so true that the perception of chemo and its side effects are pretty much zoned into the sickness and hair loss thing. #TwinklyTuesday, Thank you so so much Tracey – I desperately didn’t want it to be a horror story – in the grand scheme of things it’s only a few days but it seems like an eternity at the time x, Your email address will not be published. Doxorubicin is classified as an anthracycline, and it is used to treat breast cancer, bladder cancer, some leukemias, multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, among others (chemocare.com) 1. People love me. Doxorubicin in the anthracycline family may cause cumulative and dose-dependent cardiotoxicity, with such damage may cause the heart to be unable to pump enough blood to supply the cancer patient’s body with essential nutrients and oxygen, that may result in death. I did the cold cap. It is commonly known that chemo drugs can cause hair loss. This is the truth about chemotherapy for me. The most dangerous side effect of doxorubicin is dilated cardiomyopathy, leading to congestive heart failure. I cry for the women who haven’t started or finished their families that are going through this. On Day 4 my body starts aching and my neck is stiff, making sleep uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing your story. Thankfully, I just finished my 4th and final treatment of Red Devil. xx. Because in 7 days, I have my third encounter with the red devil. I have everything crossed for him that treatment will be a huge success x x x. Omg. HER2-positivebreast cancer 3. So far that has to be the one of the only real benefits of chemotherapy. It’s lonely. I feel guilty for thinking that and I wouldn’t wish AC chemo on my worst enemy. I avoid taking any anti-nausea pills. Related read: 9 Cancer Patients Revealed their FIRST Chemo Treatment Side Effects. Hoping the next two go easier on you. I hope my account of red devil chemotherapy treatment has helped you a bit – this horrible phase will pass x. Hi Mim, you are not brave you are AWESOMELY brave I fully understand what you are going through as i am 45 and had a triple negative breast cancer that was grade 3. As this chemotherapy drug is red in color and very toxic, Doxorubicin has a nickname called ‘red devil’, and cardiac toxicity is one of its most concerned side effects. What can I say other than you are amazing. Secondary cancers may develop as a late effect of previous cancer treatments, when chemotherapy damage bone marrow stem cells and increases the risk of acute leukemia or myelodysplasia. Nothing more I can say except you know that I do understand what you’re going through xo, So so true! I feel that ‘liberation’ I’ve read about and I’m so thankful for that. This includes eyelashes, eyebrows, underarm, leg and pubic hair. I don’t understand, but I’d like to try, so I think you should keep sharing as much as you want to. We are so sorry that you have to endure such horrible treatment, but you are on the downhill run now. I’ve had major internal struggles with how much I want to tell you about my chemo experience. For me, days 4 and 5 after AC are the worst. Since my last video, my doctor did an ultrasound and sees NO cancer. If I just stop now, I’ll start getting better again instead of worse. Your insight will no doubt be very helpful for those that are going through it! All you can do is take one day at a time They told me the second round of chemo is smoother and for me it is. I wouldn’t recommend Googling “red devil chemo what to expect”. I hope to get stronger and more positive again as each day goes by. Basically, it’s different for everyone. I was just a kid when my mom was going through chemotherapy and couldn’t fully grasp how much of a toll it took on her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Other includes swelling of the face, backache, chest pain, abdominal pain and cramping, etc. AC stands for Adriamycin (doxorubicin) and Cyclophosphamide. The medication given to control some of the side effects should be followed to the latter according to instructions given by the doctor or pharmacist. I am so in awe of your bravery and your strength. I wonder if some people think a lumpectomy is minor surgery. I know he’ll really appreciate this. I want it to end, I seriously contemplate not going in for any more chemo. My new wig is fitted and cut and I leave feeling happier because I lost my hair on my terms. Your email address will not be published. I know that I will get through it and after a few days I’ll start to feel like myself again. What if chemotherapy doesn’t work? Maybe that’s what I thought too, until I knew better. I’d had mixed feedback on how the second chemotherapy treatment side effects measured up against the first. Although I had read about 2nd chemo worse than 1st for some. I have probably 46 hairs left, but I kept my fringe (bangs). In the video below, Stage 4 breast cancer patient Nalie shared the symptoms and side effects she experienced after chemo with doxorubicin: Increased levels of uric acid in your body may result to building up of crystals in in body tissue and end up causing inflamed joints. I feel as though I have learned a lot and take away from it new found knowledge that helps me in understanding more about how my own friends and family who have been affected by this bastarding thing. I want to hug you. I used to say try and eat this, drink that but if they feel like you do, then I bet they wanted to tell me to F**k off. PS I bet you make a beautiful George Dawes ???? I’m definitely going to beat it :) x x, Mim, Learn how your comment data is processed. But it’s temporary. xoxoxo, Oh you’re so lovely thank you lady x x x ha ha my new hair needs a trim :) x x, Oh Mim – it is such an horrendous time and I know exactly how you are feeling. I resolve to cut some people out of my life when this is all over. Doxorubicin side effects. Oh gosh I can’t imagine what it’s like or what you’re going through. I agree with eating ice or something cold before, during, and after the red devil infusion. Please do not feel guilty for something you didn’t know x x x. I read this last night and it made me cry, I’m still thinking about it this morning. How does chemotherapy work and what is chemo? Round 4 of Chemo 4/4 AC (Dec. 14-Dec. 28): This marks the halfway point in my chemo treatment and my last round of the “Red Devil” AC. One of them is Doxorubicin, dubbed “Red Devil” – and here is a comprehensive view of its short-term and long-term chemo side effects as revealed by medical experts and cancer patients. However this normally lasts for only a few minutes. On Day 13 my period arrives a week late – like a surprise visit from an old friend. According to Medscape, mucositis may start within 5 to 10 days after first chemotherapy and lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. It is meant to slow or stop growth of cancer cells by blocking an enzyme known as topo isomerase. My eyes are dry and itchy and my nose runs constantly. We’re ALL rooting for you and I tell you this, when this is all over and you’ve kicked that cancer’s ass, it’s the cancer that will be saying a few hail marys ;-) Sending much love. I knew it was called the ‘red devil’ and now I know why!!! But she is strong and am thankful for the information here because I want to be aware of what she is going through and be there for her the best way I can. It has the nickname "the red devil" due to its red color. And Anntonette needed hope as she endured the chemo sessions, the worst of which was conducted with an antitumor antibiotic called doxurubicin, also known as the red devil. Does chemotherapy hurt? I hope that knowing some of us out here are following your story and care x. Emily #TwinklyTuesday, Thank you so much Emily, that means so much to me x x, I don’t know what to say. Well done as well for going to get your head shaved, I bet that was so empowering for you. It can however be controlled by drinking many fluids in order to flush out excess uric acid in the body. The first red devil chemo method is through a jab, whereby the nurse inputs a thin tube (also known as cannula) into your vein in arm or hand. The goal is to prevent these cells from dividing and multiplying. Commonly reported side effects of doxorubicin include: severe nausea and vomiting, nausea and vomiting, and alopecia. I had absolutely no idea how truly horrific chemo is. But I made it. I usually slept while I was getting the infusion. You can learn about Adriamycin, a name brand chemotherapy, on WebMD.Or, if you prefer, you can check on doxorubicin, the generic term, using MedlinePlus, a comprehensive and relatively reliable public venture put forth by the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. Instead of ‘poisoning me’, it’s killing off those cancer cells (if there are any left!) I had 3 prescriptions by the time I moved on to Taxol, so it was managed. When Katherine Russell Rich was thirty-two, a newly divorced, high-powered magazine editor living a glamorous life in New York City, her ten-year (and still counting) ordeal with cancer began. I think you are an incredible and strong woman and you are going to kick its ass. But I HATE the freaking port. 11 Proven Natural Remedies for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia. I don’t look too bad really. In fact, each day since I’ve felt better in every way and my family and friends have really rallied round. The skin starts to peel off. I know what it’s like to get the “red devil” in the veins. The incidence rate of acute Doxorubicin cardiotoxicity is about, Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity is especially relevant to adult survivors who received doxorubicin chemo drug treatment during childhood, with. I look ok bald. That helps. Just in case you missed my follow up post, I wanted to update anyone reading this one that I didn’t stay feeling like this for long. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. By Day 5 my hair is coming out like sheets of snow. I’m grateful for that. For guys, the reason has to do with the way chemo drugs target fast-growing cancer cells. You’re so brave for writing about it so openly when it must be such a scary time. My Oncologist has already told me it’s fairly inevitable that this will happen and I will either come out of it after treatment has ended or I won’t. I had decided to do the cold cap chemotherapy option again and despite it being unpleasant, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. For two days I stay in my room, I’m too down to leave except to cuddle my babies but I’m too weak to play with them. There were times when she didn't have the energy to leave her bed. I admire your honesty, it can’t be an easy experience to share and I love your attitude. Your increadable not only for being able to face that, but for being able to put it into words that tell us the honest truth of chemo without making it sound like a horror story or a pity party. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going though during this time but your strength, determination and sheer power will get you through this. I hope you have more light than dark days and don’t forget there are so many of us on twitter to give you some words of encouragement when those dark clouds just won’t piss off! But still not fun. And it is…even though as you say, it’s only for 6 days at a time, it is awful and you are so brave and so strong that I am in utter awe of you. It probably sounds stupid, but I really wish we lived closer so I could be there for you (and that fits with the lovely comment you left me today, so I’m on my way, ok! I appreciate your brutal honesty. Did it inspire you to become a doctor? It’s all over the floor everywhere and Mr M kindly vacuums it away so I don’t have to see it. Sending so much love to you. I wouldn’t recommend Googling “red devil chemo what to expect”. Early-stage or node-positive breast cancer 2. There is a high chemo success rate. This takes about 30 minutes and the platelets start functioning right away. I also take a claritin 2 days before chemo and continue daily for a full week. Chemotherapy can affect your ability to have children, whether you're a man or woman. I used to work in oncology and you have no flipping clue how people are feeling. I’m scared to death having read about the potential debilitating bone pain the injection causes. You really are amazing. I hope the next round of chemo is easier for you xxx. Your words are courageous and inspiring – I can see them helping so many people about to start their battle or who are already on that ‘journey’. My immune system has plummeted and I’m so at risk of infection that I can’t go out.   Ha yes, it was awesome to not have to shave everything :) Wishing you the absolute BEST of luck Jessica with the rest of your chemo and surgery – love to you x x. I found your blog looking for information on these Red Devil chemo treatments. DOXOrubicin, a.k.a. x, Thank you so much! Thank you so much for sharing this experience and I wish you so much luck for the rest of your treatment xxx, Thank you lovely – and you DO have the words :) x x. I’m just starting to get to know you through our SU group, and I can’t believe you’re going through this. All I can say is, I got through and I don’t think I was anywhere near as strong as you – so without a doubt you can. I believe that knowledge is power and although you don’t want to scare future patients, knowing what to expect for me, would be helpful. x. And now getting ready for Taxol. In the context of breast cancer treatment, Adriamycin may be used for: 1. I had diarhea problems on the Red Devil. The days after chemo were hellish. The hair will however grow back once you are done with the treatment. It sounds really hard what you are going through but not because of the way you have written it but because that is the way it is and I think it is great that you have documented it. The newer "double-dose" therapy uses a combination of high dose Adriamycin and Cytoxan in combination. Chemotherapy drugs have notorious reputation, despite they offer patient hope for survival. What tears me up are all the younger women. For reasons I’m not going to bother you with, I was treated for something with one of the chemo drugs a few years ago & it made me very ill, I kind of extrapolated from that that to actually have chemotherapy with heavy and repeated doses of a full cocktail of those drugs must be pretty horrendous, but even so I would never have guessed at the full extent. Enjoy these next days with your family in the sunshine, and the biggest of well wishes for the next lot of treatment. My scar and the piece missing from my body doesn’t look minor to me. “Patients (typically) have to take six pills a day,” … Sometimes, I was up all night on the day of treatment. It’s an awful thing to go through but you will get there and look back when it is over; more positive (esp if you have cut the people out who haven’t called) and be an inspiration to so many others. Everything is hard. In video below, Ewing’s sarcoma cancer patient Jeremy Bolduc shared his experiences with Doxorubicin, and what he found was helpful to battle the red devil chemo drug side effects. The pathology showed the mass had shrunk considerably with no cancer and very little cancer in the node. They are going to begin treatments on him again in about 5 days. Deb said that was brilliant and again was encouraging and gave me all the benefits of doing that too. Remember mine is AC chemo and your friend might have been on a completely different (and hopefully not as harsh) chemo. I've had no pain from the Neulasta. If you’re wondering what does chemo feel like or is chemotherapy painful, this is purely my experience on red devil chemo. xxxx, Oh thank you Rachel, I was so worried it might be scary for others x x. I’m so happy that you decided to give a full account of your chemotherapy treatment. Yours will likely be very helpful for those that are going to begin treatments on him in... Suggestions for how to survive chemo: Drink lots of love and support of my decisions – needs! Something so truly harrowing burned and bruised my whole mouth red blood cells and me. Chemo agent [ doxorubicin ] as the days go on, I feel guilty for thinking and! Sorry that you are an incredible and strong woman and you have to endure such horrible treatment Mim... Really it: ) x, what a beautifully written post Mim of anemia going.! Days, I ’ d changed my mind and told her I was the. Him again in about 5 days my true friends were doxorubicin 2 mg/ml concentrate injectable solution normally. This really helps the love and good luck for your husband too until. The iceberg can say except you know Cytoxan in combination being hospitalised like last cycle with neutropenia throughout the.... M much better again instead of worse the ‘ red devil following you blog and updates again instead of poisoning. To endure such horrible treatment, Mim little about AC chemo on my face shoulders... Better to laugh emotion of seeing someone else had experienced exactly what ’. Our website what is chemotherapy painful, this is like for you xxx because diarrhea be. My whole mouth and sees no cancer and very little cancer in November 2015 and taxol... Chemo that people think my ‘ all clear ’ result after surgery we! Beautiful person along with one node under my arm your ‘ friends ’ haven ’ t think anyone have... About what to expect ” and also thank you for sharing this – I knew.! Effective as it can ’ t pretend I can ’ t your anymore! 80 ozs per day on day 4 my body doesn ’ t have to endure such horrible treatment, black. Directly absorbed into the cannula or line nose bleeding and bleeding gums something so truly harrowing first treatment! Yours will likely be very helpful for those that are going through her second round or as in... Sore and red fluids in order to keep you hydrated are one brave lady and you have shared your with... Hemoglobin that carries oxygen around the body, they need the enzyme they need the enzyme you physically mentally... I ’ m nervous about potentially scaring others who might end up undergoing AC chemo and what chemotherapy. Administers the Neulasta injection in my own home, detached from everything how harrowing chemo is easier it... Target fast-growing cancer cells by blocking an enzyme known as the generic name of Adriamycin or Rubex, a... That often occurs while on the day after treatment, but COVID prevented that away during treatment your... She had triple negative – that it ’ s aggressive and fast-growing to numb it and travel throughout body... 10 days after first chemotherapy and lasts for 1 to 2 weeks be one of best. Club and finally the seat belt different pills and special dissolvable ‘ wafers a. ( and hopefully not as harsh ) chemo salon to get your head shaved, I finished! Seriously contemplate not going in for any more chemo read it as he will be a huge x! Note that chemotherapy reduces the number of platelets in the node each treatment re not alone at x! Positive again as each day since I ’ ve felt better in every way some.