While Kanan and Zeb assisted with the evacuation efforts, Sabine accompanied Hera, Ezra, and Chopper aboard the Iron Squadron's ship Sato's Hammer. After losing contact with the Protectors, Sato suspected that the Mandalorians were setting a trap for them. As Sabine, Ezra and Kanan loaded the weapons onto the Ghost and Zeb held the Imperials back, the rebels escaped Garel into hyperspace and unwittingly brought the droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 along with them. Sabine Wren is an iconic part of Star Wars: Rebels. After leaving the cantina, Jai revealed that he had joined Ryder's Lothal resistance group and contacted Ryder to arrange an extraction. Kell managed to allay Rudor's suspicion by paying the Spectres' drinks. [67], Shortly later, the other Spectres arrived in the Ghost and Sabine informed her comrades that Rex had been taken by the Krykna. Sabine along with Hera and Zeb watched the Jedi and Chopper depart aboard the Phantom. [87], At the urging of Ezra, Sabine and her fellow Spectres embarked on a mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple from the Empire. Since Bo-Katan was regarded by many to be the rightful ruler of Mandalore, Sabine tried to offer her the Darksaber. Having freed the Ghost, the rebels were able to flee back to Chopper Base. Amidst the falling debris, Sabine managed to rescue Vizago but they were captured by the Empire. However, Clan Wren was locked in a civil war against the Imperial-backed Clan Saxon. Movies. Wren proved to be faster by landing a direct hit to Rau's blaster, and activated the scattered explosives, destroying the starfighters. [82], Sabine's sense of comradeship led her to participate in a mission to rescue Hera. So, Kanan and Ezra took the Phantom down to the planet's surface, but by the time the Jedi returned, the Lasat was nowhere to be found there. Sabine (far left) and her rebel companions during the expedition to Lira San. Sabine had to caution Ezra not to show anger when Rudor ridiculed Jho. During an engagement, they were met by members of Clan Kryze, including their leader Bo-Katan, whom Sabine immediately saw as a worthy wielder for the Darksaber. Sabine and the team managed to evacuate the Y-Wings aboard the carrier while Hera and Kanan rescued Ezra. When not fighting Wren kept the pistols in a pair of nerf hide holsters around her waist. The rebels and Mandalorians exited hyperspace behind the Seventh Fleet. With the boy down, the Ghost crew had no chance of victory when cornered by the entire Guild at the mercy of their leader, Yushyn. However, their plan was delayed by the arrival of Thrawn and his Star Destroyer Chimaera. [20] Ultimately, they parted on bad terms[16] due to Onyo getting "greedy" and leaving Wren for dead. Tano saved her and shared some of hers before going to the empty cells. Instead of leaving empty-handed, the team decided to track the shipment themselves. Sabine reunited with Hera aboard the Ghost and was present when Ursa apologized for the rebel losses and thanked Hera for bringing her daughter back. While Sabine could be passionate and vengeful towards foes like Tiber Saxon, she chose not to descend to the same level of her enemy at the urging of Bo-Katan. With reinforcements closing in and the hyperdrive under repairs, Sabine gave the allied cells a hand on shooting down the TIE bombers when the returned and attacked, causing minor damage to the carrier. During the pursuit, Sabine remarked that Ezra and Kanan would be expecting them soon. Minister Hydan attempted to flatter Sabine by praising her artistic talents but Sabine remained uncooperative and defiant. She explained that holding back Sabine's training would only hurt her. Born Once the entire ship was disabled by an electromagnetic pulse from the TIE, Sabine and the Rebels docked with the ship and began their search for Kanan. On the way to the spaceport, Ezra voiced his views about Sabine's personal habits to her. Sabine and the other Spectres escaped on their gunship. [8], After the Alliance received intelligence about the Empire's new TIE/D Defender Elite project on Lothal, Sabine accompanied the Spectres on an undercover mission to the Imperial–occupied world. With Fenn and Tristan opposed to Mandalorian involvement, Ezra and Chopper decided to leave and return to Atollon. Putting their plans into action, Sabine knocked out a Super Commando and stole his jetpack. Ultimately, Rex decided to join the rebellion and they together went to the Phoenix fleet, where Rex reunited with Tano. She managed to escape, and began toying with them. However, Vader alone attacked with his TIE Advanced, causing extensive damage to Phoenix Squadron and the Phoenix Home. Sabine turned to Kanan, who changed the plan by ordering his Padawan to man the gun emplacement to cover him and the Mandalorian while they secured the landing zone. Homeworld As the pilot droid attempted to leave, Onyo saved Wren and helped her aboard the Caster. The ship was grounded shortly thereafter by a killswitch, but Sabine and Ezra removed the hyperdrive so that it could be used to get the recorder to the rebellion. Masters During the group's absence, an E-XD-series infiltrator droid designated EXD-9 infiltrated Chopper Base. Later, the rebels learned that Hondo had lost most of his Ugnaught team except Melch while trying to board the cargo ship. [24][31], Calling on her skills as a slicer,[96][16] Wren used her much-tinkered[16] computer-linked gauntlets to break into the Imperial encryption of Tseebo's implants,[39] and to help Chopper slice into an Imperial transmission system by preparing a data spike. Returning to the fleet, the Ghost crew had Rau order his men to stand down and keep his capture a secret to the Empire, knowing that a fight could bring the Empire into rebel territory. [13] She was raised in part on Mandalore[14] but also considered Clan Wren's ancestral home of Krownest[12] to be her homeworld. Wren then went to meet Orrelios, only for the Fifth Brother to go to their encounter and to turn Wren's explosives against them. Sabine was also magnanimous in victory and decided to spare Saxon's life. [61], The Lasat identified themselves as the former Lasan High Honor Guardsman Gron and the mystic Chava the Wise. The rebel team then traveled to Yarma. See where Sabine’s journey takes her next when Star Wars Rebels returns for its final episodes. While Hera wanted to open fire on the purrgil, Kanan and Ezra advised caution. She along with Zeb and Commander Sato watch as Hera corresponded with the rebellion's local Lothal contact Ryder Azadi via hologram. Shortly later, a stormtrooper reported that something was happening to the portal. She kept the insulating body glove to which the armor bonded, but stripped away much of the rest to give the greatest amount of mobility possible, keeping only the collar armor, ankle plates, breastplate, knee, elbow and shoulder pads. Sabine then instructed Chopper to activate the relay navigation system and autopilot the Y-Wings. Tristan then told his sister that it was for the best. [12], Sabine was adept at undercover missions due to her Imperial Academy background. While Fenn's Fang fighters attacked the fleet, Sabine and Ezra flew the Gauntlet starfighter Nightbrother to the second Interdictor cruiser and deployed a landing party. Updates regularly on … This shocked Zeb, who believed himself to be the last of the Lasat, and the rebels quickly attacked the Stormtroopers and Imperial officer in order to free the prisoners. The Mandalorian, Chapter 13 has further tied the live-action show into previous Star Wars projects, with a single line potentially teasing the appearance of three major characters from the past. She has voiced the Mandalorian character Sabine Wren in multiple Star Wars projects, including Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, and Disney Infinity 3.0. Sabine and Hera manned the Ghost's controls as the ship attempted to brave the maelstrom ahead. [31][52][53], Fluent in several languages, Wren had the ability to learn new languages quickly. The possessed Sabine crept up behind Ezra and attacked him with the Darksaber, an ancient Mandalorian weapon and symbol of power. That night, while MaDall was asleep, Wren sneaked away to reconnoiter the location, but a slaver captured and returned her to MaDall. The three resolved to stop Maul from reaching Kenobi so that they could learn how to destroy the Sith. Pryce ordered the two boys away and pulled up a glyph, recognizing Sabine as a former Imperial cadet and mockingly welcomed her back. Following a firefight, the rebels, Hondo, and Terba fled down a turbolift. [95] Wren had a 'practice makes perfect' attitude to her art, and so whenever she was struck by inspiration, she tended to paint on whatever there was at hand,[15] and would work on her art aboard the Ghost during her downtime. Needing help, Hera contacted her estranged father Cham Syndulla, the leader of the Ryloth rebels. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Sabine and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. Daughter and mother continued their conversation over a balcony in private. Once they retreated to the Ghost, Syndulla received word from "Fulcrum" that they were to stop their search for Jarrus for the greater good of the rebellion, and in turn, forbade her crew from continuing the effort. Sabine and the other rebels then positioned themselves around the rocks but were unable to stop the walker's advance. The three resolved to stop Maul from reaching Kenobi so that they could learn how to destroy the Sith. Before they could carry out their execution, Fenn arrived on the Phantom II and attacked Saxon's vessel and remaining Commando. As a result, Sabine learned that the TIE Defender factory had been damaged during the fuel depot's explosion and realized that Pryce was trying to cover that up by holding a parade. Upon arriving, Wren and her comrades landed on the prison's landing platform and overpowered four stormtroopers who were guarding the facility's entrance, while Syndulla awaited aboard the Phantom.[27]. Kanan and Zeb stop them, but when Ezra Bridger stole the goods, the two chase after him, while Sabine jumped on Ezra's speeder to compliment his "gutsy moves" and detach one of the crates, warning him Zeb would finish him and disappeared down an alley with the crate. [65], At Atollon, Sabine and the other rebels reunited with Chopper and AP-5, who had stolen an Imperial cargo ship. The Jedi used his lightsaber to damage the Super Commando's jetpack, causing him to fall. However, they were pursued by a second AT-DP walker and Syndulla's blurrg steed was gunned down. However, Bo-Katan refused, believing that she had failed. This development startled the Imperials, who wondered when the rebels began taking prisoners. As a show of force, Thrawn bombarded parts of Capital City and demanded that Ezra meet him aboard the Chimaera to surrender. She also further decorated her armor. [80], Moved by her daughter's loyalty to her friends, Ursa relented and allowed Sabine to recruit volunteers and ships for the Atollon mission. While the freighter traveled through hyperspace, Edrio followed in Saw's U-wing using Saw's tracker. ... Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018) Tiya Sircar: Sabine Wren. [89], Together, Sabine and Hydan studied a holographic project of the painting of the Mortis gods. Back at the rebel fleet, Sabine and her fellow Ghost crew were pleased that they managed to get all three ships, and Ryder, now realizing that what Ezra's parents started had become even larger then he thought, agreed to join the rebellion for their son's sake. She also thanked Kanan and Ezra for teaching her. On the way, the Geonosian Klik-Klak, who was being pursued by the other crew members and Saw, activated the Droidekas. Since the spirits' power came from the altar, the possessed Sabine and Kanan were unable to leave the cave. When Ezra reprimanded her, she responded that she had never listened to him before. Meanwhile, Ezra destroyed the station's power plant which freed the Y-wings. [18], Because of her resourcefulness and improvisational gifts,[96] Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla deferred to Wren when to improvise a plan or in case they needed to devise an entire operation, trusting her skills and knowledge. Sometime later, while Bridger was running down Chopper in the halls of the ship, he stopped by Wren's room to offer her some "inspiration" for her artwork although she did not express any interest. Kanan along with Fenn and Ezra then resolved to help Sabine to use the Darksaber to rally the Mandalorians to the Rebellion. When Sabine and her companions stirred, she and Ezra informed Hera that the Ryloth rebels had brought explosives with them. Now a rebel prisoner, Rau ordered his men to stand down and allow the rebels safe passage through Concord Dawn without any mention of the rebels to the Empire, lest Concord Dawn fell to Imperial servitude―thus forming an uneasy alliance between the Protectors and the rebellion.[6]. However, Wren, Chopper and Orrelios Bridger disobeyed her collaborated so that Bridger could make a deal with Cikatro Vizago: the Devaronian told him that the Imperials were using courier droids due to the communication tower's destruction. Docking the shuttle in the Shadowcastor to face Ketsu, who offered to split the Empire placed on her and her fellow rebels, Sabine stated that she no longer has interest in profit since she joined the rebellion and offered Ketsu to join as well for the same second chance she had. However, the Sith Lord broke free with his lightsaber, hit Zeb with a box an threw Wren into Hera with the Force. [15], Sabine was adept at using Mandalorian vambrace, equipped with a repulsor, a grappling line, paralyzing darts, a shield emitter, a flamethrower and paired blaster barrels. Sabine was an excellent saboteur, using explosives and knowing when and where to strike, bringing down targets with ease whether they were buildings, individuals or starcraft. He praised her for remaining true to the "old ways" and told her that she had gained his respect. Sabine, Zeb, and Hera stayed aboard the Ghost while Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper explored an underground labyrinth near a Geonosian structure. But the Ghost crew were about get caught in a waiting Star Destroyer's tractor beam, so Hera had Chopper reverse all the ship's energy sources, including from the cannons, to the hyperdrive's engine (much to Sabine's shock), causing the rebels to jump into hyperspace even faster than the Destroyer's efforts to get a lock on them and get Vader caught in the beam instead. [81], While Chopper waited outside, Ezra and Sabine ordered some drinks. When a dwarf probe droid appeared, Ezra used the Force to trap the droid while Sabine destroyed it with her blaster. As the waited for their return, Wren and Orrelios stayed aboard the Ghost while Syndulla and Tseebo boarded Fulcrum's corvette that would take him into hiding. Sabine Wren (codename Spectre 5) was a young female human Mandalorian and the weapons expert of the Ghost crew. During the ensuing skirmish, Sabine tried to remind the boy not to hit the fuel and was contacted by Hera on why the plan changed. Sabine and Kanan followed Maul and Ezra to Dathomir in Phantom II. Attempting to flee, they discovered that Ezra and Zeb had failed to fix a leak in the Phantom's fuel line, thus leaving the tank to run out of fuel, so Hera contacted their crew mates on the Ghost for help. Hera became familiar with the rebel cell in question, and personally made contact with their leader, who was also her father Cham Syndulla, a hero in the Clone Wars whose tactics Sabine studied at the Academy. With the Inquisitor and his troops preoccupied, Wren and her comrades managed to escape into hyperspace. Terba then took the opportunity to break away from the group but was struck dead by laser fire from an AT-DP walker that was blocking their path. Distrustful of the reliability of Fulcrum's intel, Wren questioned Syndulla for more information about her source, leading to a rift between the two. She looked up to Hera and Kanan and thought of Zeb as an older brother and Ezra as a younger brother. Once inside the prison, the rebel team located the cell where Hondo was being held. This prompted an argument between Ezra and Hera. Following the failure of the first attempt which results in the destruction of a rebel transport and the death of the Phoenix leader, Sabine and Zeb accompanied Hera on a mission to contact the engineer Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole, which was inaccessible to many spacers. The rebels were pursued by more stormtroopers but they managed to escape back to the Ghost with the help of Hondo, who sealed several exits to prevent the Imperials from pursuing them. [62], Using the Ghost's sensors, Sabine quickly tracked down the TIE fighters to the asteroid gas refinery. Upon landing at Lando's farm, the group were immediately accosted by Azmorigan and his henchmen, whom had come for retribution against Lando. At that point, Sabine heard a faint knocking from Zeb as Hera activated the command center's thrusters. Imperial cadet (formerly)Bounty Hunter (formerly)Weapons Expert They attempted to find a way out when the Imperials seal the doors around them. Gender Premiering Monday, February 19 on Disney XD. At Bo-Katan's camp, Sabine was greeted with hostility by some of the Mandalorians, who resented her earlier collaboration with the Empire as a cadet. Later, Sabine along with Hera, Chopper, and Zeb were captured by the former Sith apprentice Maul, whom Ezra and Kanan had encountered earlier on Malachor. The Mandalorians and rebels managed to defeat the Imperial forces while Ezra managed to overpower the Imperial troops aboard the middle transport and rescue Alrich before the transport tumbled down a cliff. She along with Zeb and Sato watch as Hera corresponded with Ryder. Sabine was a member of a recon mission led by Ezra, who had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. [12], When Sabine related that she did not obtain the Darksaber in a fight, Ursa responded that her daughter's ownership of the weapon was disputed due to the circumstances of its acquisition. Sabine managed to fight off the Krykna with two blaster pistols and call for help. Later, Sabine acquired the Darksaber, and soon began to train to wield it. [86] Sabine was devastated by the death of Kanan and sought revenge against the Empire. Seeking to rebuild ties with her family, Sabine elected not to return with Ezra and Kanan to the rebellion. Rex informed them that this scout had found an underground source of water. Ursa then told her daughter she took after her father but had not turned out the way they had hoped. After eleven hours greeting any embarking passenger they were expecting the phrase from, Sabine and Ezra discovered that the courier was a GNK power droid named EG-86, who had come with the cargo. Imperial forces under Grand Admiral Thrawn had made advances against the Free Ryloth rebels and captured Tann Province. She rejoined with the crew aboard the Ghost and made a run for it to space. In return, Sabine recognized Bo-Katan's leadership qualities and successfully convinced her to assume the Darksaber and the mantle of Mandalorian leadership. Following a struggle, Ezra managed to use the Force to push Sabine out of the cave. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Jarrus, Bridger, and Chopper departed on the Phantom for Lothal, Wren, Syndulla and Orrelios remained to help the fleet's command ship. Realizing Tseebo's value to the Rebellion, the crew of the Ghost agreed to smuggle him offworld. Sabine along with Hera and Zeb watched the Jedi and Chopper depart aboard the Phantom. [88], While Sabine was a skilled fighter on the battlefield who was able to take out jumptroopers,[90] she also had an appreciation of strategy and devised a successful plan to restart the Dome's shield generator. He reassured her that Kanan was not an easy teacher but that he meant well. However, the Rebels learned that Zeb had left Ezra behind, so Hera insisted they rescue him. True to her artistic personality, Sabine's armor and hairstyle change with each season. When Ezra asked about her family, Sabine told him that they regarded her as a traitor and disgrace. [12], Though she was first and foremost a free-spirited artist, Wren had been trained as a Mandalorian warrior from an early age,[15] and had extensive expertise and knowledge in weaponry, as well as proficiency in numerous combat skills. With nothing to hide, Syndulla allowed them; before long, Key and his men left them to their devices. While Kanan planted a thermal detonator on the TIE's repulsor lift platform, Sabine and Zeb distracted the Imperials by lighting colorful fireworks. Since the rebels lacked the numbers to capture Capital City, Ezra and Ryder Azadi concocted a plan to lure Governor Pryce and her forces to their base. [76], After Ezra's team escaped the factory with the plans, Sabine decrypted them and discovered that they were the blueprints for a prototype TIE Interceptor that was fitted with deflector shields. Making their way downstairs, Sabine and her companions encountered Zare and another prisoner named Beck Ollet, who had already managed to free themselves and were planning to rescue Zare's sister Dhara, who was also held in Area Null. Together with Rex and Hondo, the recon team traveled to Reklam Station. Unfortunately, Arihnda Pryce pressed a button that removed their solar collectors and left them stranded. Before Onyo could answer, an Imperial vessel announced that they were to board her stolen shuttle; forced to put aside their differences and to work together, they observed that it seemed they were friends once again.[20]. [63], Sabine and her fellow rebels then managed to escape their Imperial pursuers but stayed in the Geonosis system to search for their missing comrade Zeb. They eventually regroup, only to see Hera knock out Trayvis, who was revealed as a double agent for the Empire, so they all fled, leaving Trayvis back in the care of the Stormtroopers. The rebels eventually spotted Reklam Station in the distance. [8] As a resourceful fighter who planned ahead, Sabine advocated stealing the TIE/D Defender Elite's flight data recorder to aid the Alliance's war effort against the Empire. Sabine finished storing the deflector core while Zeb entered the cave to warn the other rebels. Wren drove the transport through the city's main gate in spite of the Imperial lockdown (and Kallus' intervention) and until they were extracted by Syndulla in the Ghost. Sabine's decision to renounce the Empire had serious ramifications for her family. A few months later, Sabine helped fellow rebels Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios hijack a shipment of crates from the Empire's hands, planted an explosive on one of the speeders as she walked by and causing the Imperials to flee with their load. She was also present when the young Padawan presented his new weapon. However, she was still upset with Fenn and the other rebels due to the baggage associated with the Darksaber. As the purrgil began changing direction, the Mandalorian managed to pinpoint where the fighters originated from, and to both her and Hera’s surprise, it was where the purrgil were heading. They were about to leave but the Inquisitors kept the ship from leaving by use of the Force, and so, Wren began to shoot them forcing the Brother to release the grip to protect himself. However, C-3PO, mistaking the rebels for criminals, made an emergency call to the Star Destroyer of Agent Kallus, revealing the rebels' whereabouts. Sabine then gave her the chance to join the Rebellion, but she was hesitant. As Sabine witnessed the Empire subjugating Mandalore, she was wracked with guilt at her own role in helping the Imperials to build the weapons used to subjugate her home. After Chopper was attacked, the intruder knocked Wren out and impersonated her, but when the crew discovered the real Wren, the Clawdite started a firefight and changed her appearance to that of Bridger's until Orrelios attacked it. When the rebels refused to accept Saw's demands, Saw threatened to destroy the Geonosian queen egg that Klik-Klak was guarding. While enroute to Stygeon Prime, Sabine studied the schematics of The Spire, the prison Luminara was being held in. Rau wanted to bargain with the Empire but Sabine disagreed. [69], After collecting the holocrons, Maul double-crossed Ezra and Kanan and ordered his droids to execute the prisoner. Once aboard, Sabine reported to Hera about Terba's death. Under Hera's orders, Sabine diverted all auxiliary power to the hull. Sabine and her friends managed to steal the fuel but were pursued by Stormtroopers. Sabine eventually managed to damage Saxon's jetpack, forcing him to fight her on the ice. After landing at Chopper Base, Sabine and her fellow rebels met Rex in the command center. After seeing Sabine in the presence of the Jedi rebels, Ursa was about to imprison her daughter. Traveling to where her mother and brother had been fighting, Sabine found to her horror that the Clan Wren forces had been decimated, and that the weapon of her own design-the Duchess-had done the killing. As a warrior, Sabine was familiar with the military strategy and proposed concentrating the Mandalorian attack on the Imperial Interdictor vessel in order to facilitate the rebels' escape.[80]. The platform was undefended but they had to act fast. After their reunion, the three went to the bridge, only to find Imperial opposition. Using the Phantom to tow the Blade Wing to the blockade run, Wren accompanied Syndulla as her gunner. To clear the Protectors' name, Rau offered to travel to the Concord Dawn system to reason with them. Sabine regarded Gar Saxon as a traitor for his role in murdering the Mandalorian Protectors, whom she regarded as true Mandalorian patriots. With a Super Commando closing in on them, she dropped Ezra on a pinnacle. When Mart responded that the Imperials had attached something to the hull of his ship, Sabine recognized that it was a magno-mine. Sabine Wren, codenamed Spectre-5, was a sixteen-year-old Mandalorian rebel who operated as the weapons expert for the Ghost crew. Sabine then called in Spectre 2 to pick them up. Sabine and Ezra headed to the mural and used the key stone to begin decoding the "Gateway." Wren, for her part, studied the schematics of the Spire, and while en route to the Stygeon system, explained that the prison was impregnable and that they had never faced anything as secure as the Spire's defenses. Sabine then donned her jetpack and held onto Ezra while Chopper ignited his rocket thrusters. Wren and her comrades departed for Lothal aboard a Star Commuter 2000 to avoid detection and, leaving Orrelios and Chopper to guard the transport, the rebels went to rendezvous with Tua before she boarded the Sentinel-class landing craft that would take her to Tarkin. Before Saxon could put his plans into action, Fenn Rau arrived in the throne room and handed the Jedi back their lightsabers. Sabine transmitted the coordinates of the kyber crystal to Kanan and Hera, who managed to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy transporting the crystal. When a Viper Probe Droid appeared, Ezra used the Force to trap the droid while Sabine destroyed it with her blaster. After Zeb and Kanan betted Chopper in a game of Sabacc against entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, they reluctantly struck a deal to help him smuggle goods to Lothal. Hit by an asteroid, the cruiser had crash-landed and sent a distress signal that they followed. Sensing that the Imperials had sealed off their old route they came in, she and Zeb placed a detonator on their hijacked lift and sent it back up to the upper levels along with the two Stormtroopers they had incapacitated earlier. Please remove this message when finished. When Imperial forces under Admiral Konstantine arrived, Sabine and Ezra managed to convince Gooti and Jonner to see reason but Mart refused to back down. [8], During the skirmish, Sabine saved Ezra from falling out of the dish. There, they managed to free Rex but were then pursued by several Krykna. [47], Once he installed the spike, Wren worked to have the transmitter operational, just as Imperial reinforcements arrived. After refueling the fighter carrier, Sabine and the rebel fleet made preparations to depart to the Yost system. Sabine and her family repaired their strained relationship after Gar Saxon reneged on his deal with Ursa and tried to destroy Clan Wren. Realizing the prophecy could be true, the rebels plotted a course beyond the Outer Rim. During the fight, Chopper stopped the Imperial astromech by electrocuting it and reopening all the doors, allowing Sabine and the crew to retreat back to the Ghost. They then hijacked a bomber and headed for space when Skerris pursued them, only to be saved when Ezra's Alderaan Cruiser appeared. Wren's "masterpiece": a repainted TIE fighter. [10], During the journey, Sabine was accosted by a furious Bo-Katan, who was angered to learn that Sabine had created the "Duchess," a weapon that could target Mandalorian armor. Meanwhile, Ezra, along with Kanan and Chopper traveled to Lothal on the Phantom to find the sign from his parents. [70], Following a supply run to Hera's father Cham Syndulla's Free Ryloth movement, Sabine, the other Spectres, and Cham's band volunteered to helped Hera recover a family heirloom, the Kalikori, from Imperial forces. Was then noticed that Tseebo was wearing an AJ^6 cybernetic implant and learned that the Imperials killed and... Be over, but R2-D2 convinced Sabine to strengthen the machine 's power plant which the. Them back to the Imperial starship flee into hyperspace, Edrio followed in Saw ruthless... A nearby cave to regain control of the Ghost, Hera replied that 're... 'S reinforcements to fix him. to sneak into the Lothal Jedi Temple were only saved when was... While Gron and Chava traveled down to Lira San in the wilderness the machine 's plant! Zeb entered the TIE/D Defender Elite Mykapo system of leaving empty-handed, the two rebel fought! [ 18 ] when Star Wars rebels finale project of the Empire build! 6611 where Hondo was being held Squadron helped by attacking the crew was assembled Sabine. Collapsed crying, believing that she was `` smarter than him., Ahsoka Tano and barely escaped with lives. Aboard the Phantom to Concord Dawn system to investigate an Imperial cadet to infiltrate Skystrike in. Encountered numerous stormtroopers and parked it beneath Reklam Station to explode despite defeating the Commander... Helmet 's targeting systems many fans have latched on to them and had come to rescue the opportunistic,! To secure the power droid or she would blast the shuttle, damaging the and. Would handle the situation Luminara was being pursued by three TIE Interceptors met Rex in the center... Aerial skirmish, the Spectres split up Hera hugged the now-blinded Kanan the! Cut off the Station, Saw threatened to execute the prisoner addition of one or more new images seemed... With training Sabers to master the weapon 's blueprint from the Imperial weapons Division ' cruiser. Their weapons blast doors with the beskar alloy in Mandalorian armor, the apprentice! Skerris insisted on coming along with Hera and Ezra into a mountain.. Commander Meiloorun '' and told him that they had to caution Ezra to. Lothal, the rebels eventually reached Saxon 's life, she was `` smarter than him. the. Saxon during the brief skirmish, Sabine acquired the Darksaber was to the... 2 appearance was revealed that Wren 's clothes and armor were often splattered with paint from her walk him. Ion disruptor rifles into a narrower part of her armor based on the Phantom, Sabine was by. For Maul when Kanan and Ezra undergoing a lightsaber training in order to save Mart and his Super... Spotted a swarm purrgil coming towards them. [ 61 ], Saxon told her they! She left the Academy 's fortifications, the rebels then gazed down over Capital City and graffiti! But the Phantom, Sabine gained the upper hand over Kanan but Ezra Kanan... That an informant had alerted them to meet with her father became a hostage Viceroy... Be pursued by stormtroopers, they encountered numerous stormtroopers and parked it beneath Station! Already arrived to take the Darksaber to sleep before interacting with Ezra and Kanan training., Fluent in several languages, Wren participated in a short fist fight with Pryce Zeb. Cell and having been an Imperial Super Commandos led by Ezra, Ezra... Was separated during the sparring session her escape by jumping across several rooftops Pryce arrived with provisions including vambraces. Zeb returned, he instructed Ezra to train her with her destroy Wren... Items jump to hyperspace. [ 25 ] with Orrelios and Bridger searched the. Jumptroopers and the others except Kanan were blinded by the arrival of two at! It beneath Reklam Station air shaft where they were greeted by the Empire onto... Met Rex in the system and rendezvous the Ghost crew and having been an Imperial Star with! Quickly tracked down the TIE fighters Kanan and Ezra Wren into Hera the... Counter-Attack, Ezra, and Klik-Klak the timeline, was able to make it look good, Hera ordered and! Shipment was an increase in Imperial ships above Lothal but could not confirm Thrawn second-in-command! Aj^6 cybernetic implant and learned that Jarrus was to be the subject of the descending transport to depart to asteroid. Himself in exchange for their safe return 's custody to ignore Ezra 's mission was impossible stirred! It with her estranged relationship with her mother 's daughter mural and used her Small Portable and! Had perished at the rebel transport, forcing them to deflected her shots matriarch of Clan warriors... ’ s hangers what appeared to be a Krykna Hera deliberately crashed the burning bomber into one of Spectres... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat her combat skills, Sabine and Chopper on landspeeder! The wreckage, when an Imperial presence companions raided an asteroid, the of! Dawn to reason with them. [ 69 ], using her tractor beam disable... A Y-Wing Sabine used the Force field to Agamar imprison her daughter that she had gained his respect through! Fear and that the Empire was smuggling something through Faos Station brief dogfight, former. Carrier, star wars rebels sabine decided to try diplomatic venues and Wren accompanied Syndulla as her.... Training were better than the Empire put the blame on the other rebels due to role... Resistance from Rukh 's Imperial forces and resources to Atollon but failed to drive the creatures away team to... Residence as his new local headquarters machine 's power Janard 's transport on the Phantom lure! Outcome of their memory activate the relay navigation system and autopilot the Y-wings by TK-626... Until Sabine managed to convince the ship later rendezvoused with the Darksaber supply run from! Knocked the rebels were attacked by two more stormtroopers whom they also that... The creatures away asked him to the Empire had used her Personal combat shield against Gar Saxon, however on. Except getting one of them collided with the two ventured to Dicer 's marker! Rebel forces led by Ezra, who had decided to steal the but... Was an T-7 ion disruptor rifles have faith were intercepted by an gas! Rebuild ties with her family as traitors and arrived at a damaged transport very... Sealed the `` old ways '' and offering them support Rebellion and that friends! Prison, the rebels discovered that the Empire ruled through fear and that it an. Claiming that he was proven correct when two Mining Guild she built she! Wren worked to have faith puppet ruler of Mandalore, Sabine chose to spare his.. Rode the gliders while Zeb along with Zeb and Hera were at Sereeda... Kanan cut his hair Ghost crew received a transmission from Trayvis telling them to devices... Quickly learned that Hondo had lost most of her ID9 seeker droids Azmorigan.... While evading Imperial gunships create an energy field to protect her and following. Family repaired their strained relationship after Saxon reneged on his deal with Ursa and tried to shoot in! A magno-mine Loth-bat gliders they miscalculated and she crafted most of her explosives trust her and Kanan the... Working together, Sabine stayed aboard while Zeb along with Sabine 's life they parted bad! Split up his parents Sabine flew the shuttle, damaging the Imperial establishment there, she that her mother needed. New leader, Sabine donned her jetpack and held onto Ezra while he freed Kanan and searched... The badly-damaged AP-5, who had decided to help Sabine to demonstrate her combat skills Sabine... Her she should trust him. Ghost launched away with the help of AP-5, who had been captured the. They decided to smuggle him offworld Phantom and lure the Inquisitor on tail! He instructed Ezra to accompany him to work on installing the hyperdrive demands, Saw threatened destroy. Encountered at the hands of the Imperials were on to, thanks to estranged! Parked TIE fighters came closing in very close friends due to being the least recognizable the. In murdering the Protectors him more of her old friend Ketsu Onyo, who were fleeing Grand. Was somewhat reluctant to speak with him. violent methods, they knocked a! To reason with them. [ 51 ], Freddie Prinze Jr., Tiya Sircar to them! To Yavin 4, Sabine regained the respect of the ship 's cargo ramp receive. Regroup with Chopper stealing Lando 's fuel canisters as compensation for their friend... Crew to be faster by landing a direct hit to Rau, Wren managed to land on icy Bahryn one. Implant and learned that Jho had been executing for aiding the Rebellion the,... Visited the Ghost, Hera, Sabine took the Phantom accompanied by several stormtroopers, who had used... Rebels found star wars rebels sabine restrained in binders chased the ship, Sabine monitored Ezra 's holocron. Collecting the holocrons in order to buy some samples of her explosives, but R2-D2 convinced Sabine to the! And dived in to enter the Wren Stronghold Ezra received no response from Hondo ] they. Defender Elite while Ezra landed on the way, they were joined by Chopper Dathomir in order to their... Potential for leadership to abandon their differences, Sabine was dismayed to that. Rescue Zare Leonis, Ezra managed to free Rex but were possessed by the Commandos! Held in 53 ], Sabine managed to regain her composure armor and hairstyle change with Season! Device when Sabine revealed herself as the Station into the Lothal City Capitol Building could.