efo – tete – nigerian – vegetable – yoruba – recipe – food – traditional – market – 9jafoodie. var actions = {"is_lang_switched":"0","is_currency_switched":"0","force_reset":"0","cart_fragment":"wc_fragments_1eb5d1609e3e0ce633f0fd0866089f7b"}; Efo Riro can be prepared with different types of vegetables. Yes, it is but if for any reason you can’t source one, then omit it from the list of ingredients. This goes by many names. Wash and cut the vegetable into big chunk. There are four major languages in Nigeria. box-shadow: none !important; Botanical Name: Celosia Argentea, an indigenous plant with leaves high in beta-carotene and folic acid. /*var woof_submit_link = "";*/ var woof_show_price_search_type = 1; var addEvent = function(evt, handler) { Can one use herbicide to control weed in ewedu farm? Efo Shoko a.k.a Lagos Spinach! Efo is the Yoruba word for vegetable and is used as a prefix in vegetable-based soups. We asked Wizkid how to prepare Efo riro and what did a pretty good job! SCIENTIFIC NAME: LACTUSCA VIROSA. {"@context":"https:\/\/schema.org","@type":"Organization","url":"https:\/\/www.kroton.com.pe\/","sameAs":[],"@id":"https:\/\/www.kroton.com.pe\/#organization","name":"Kroton SAC","logo":"https:\/\/www.kroton.com.pe\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/01\/kroton-logo.png"} (You can add little water to the sauce if it is too dry but do not overdo it as efo riro is almost water free). Although, my friend kept moaning about how his efo riro was not good enough to him, but in my mind I was just thinking, if only he knew how I had wanted the efo so bad. However, the use of chemicals on vegetable crops or any crops is very harmful to humans’ health. about 600g. your username. Can serve 4-5 people. Required fields are marked *. #popup { border: none !important; /* ]]> */ !function(a,b,c){function d(a,b){var c=String.fromCharCode;l.clearRect(0,0,k.width,k.height),l.fillText(c.apply(this,a),0,0);var d=k.toDataURL();l.clearRect(0,0,k.width,k.height),l.fillText(c.apply(this,b),0,0);var e=k.toDataURL();return d===e}function e(a){var b;if(!l||!l.fillText)return!1;switch(l.textBaseline="top",l.font="600 32px Arial",a){case"flag":return! Invertir en educación técnica es el camino para la evolución del mercado. Take it off the heat and set aside. })(window,document,'script','https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); Copyright © 2020 My Active Kitchen on the Cookd Pro Theme, I used smoked dried ponmo for this recipe, you can also use fresh ones if you want. Efo – tete – nigerian – vegetable – yoruba – recipe – food – traditional – market – 9jafoodie Efo Tete (African Spinach): English Name: African Spinach, Callaloo Local Name: Efo Tete (Yoruba) Ewedu is best planted on beds, like 1m by 5m. It bears no fruits or seeds compared with other leafy vegetables. Why Did The Passenger Pigeon Go Extinct, var woof_show_price_search_button = 0; El mercado de video-vigilancia carece cada vez más de profesionales que entiendan la diferencia de la cámara común para una cámara de alta tecnología, sin embargo el ámbito educacional, muchas veces, exige tiempo y dinero. if(/(? As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It is similar to Edika Ikong from the eastern part of Nigeria. h1 {font-size : 27px; }h2 {font-size : 34px; }h3 {font-size : 18px; }h4 {font-size : 17px; }h5 {font-size : 14px; }h6 {font-size : 12px; }h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-family : Open Sans, sans-serif; } .main-navigation a {font-family : Open Sans, sans-serif; color : #333333; } .main-navigation ul:not(.sub-menu) > li > a, .main-navigation ul:not(.sub-menu) > li:hover > a { font-size : 14px;} .main-navigation {background-color : #ffffff; }#header_language_select a {font-family : Open Sans, sans-serif;} body {font-size : 14px; font-family : Open Sans, sans-serif; }body { background-color : #ffffff; }.page-container .container {background-color : #ffffff; } .head-container, .head-container.fixed{background-color : #ffffff; }.head-container {min-height : 80px; }.head-container {position : fixed; }.main-navigation ul li.current_page_item a, .main-navigation ul li.current-menu-ancestor a, .main-navigation ul li.current-menu-item a, .main-navigation ul li.current-menu-parent a, .main-navigation ul li.current_page_parent a {background-color : #F15A23; 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These vegetables include “Efo Tete” (African Spinach) or “Efo Shoko” (Lagos Spinach). If you made this recipe, don’t forget to leave me feedback. //toggles However, with irrigation facilities, Ewedu can be planted at any time of the season. } (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]||document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(wfscr); var woof_lang_hide_products_filter = "hide products filter"; } If you are looking for how to make efo riro, look no further, you are at the right place. Before planting, it is imperative the seeds are treated with boiled water to aid fast germination and uniform growth. If you want to make efo riro the yoruba way, it is important you use locust beans, smoked fish/dried fish and palm oil. Efo riro vegetable soup. tips for those who want to cook efo riro but don’t know how So for those who don’t the vegetable to ask for in the market. Whilst you are waiting for the sauce to cook, boil water enough to cover the vegetable. If you are using the dried ones, soak them in warm water for at least 36-48 hours. Start cooking the shaki, kpomo cow leg and stock fish first with very little water as possible – add extra water as you cook. wfscr.src = url + '&r=' + Math.random(); Omron Karada Scan, In yoruba, the Spinach plant is called Efo tete, and the spinach leaf is loaded with tons of nutrients with even low-calorie and it contains a huge range of nutrients which gives numerous health benefits to the human body. Ikutamiti Urban Garden Center (IUGC) is an Urban Garden Center born out of the desire to meet the need of the urban community by providing an all-year-round fresh fruits and vegetables to immediate urban centers like University Community in Osogbo, fruits and vegetable markets in Osogbo and expanding to neighboring and States in Nigeria like Oyo, Lagos, Ondo, Ogun etc. Efo Yanrin (Wild Lettuce) English Name:Dandelion greens Local Name: Efo Yarin (Yoruba) Botanically: Taraxacum officinale, Family Asteraceae. Ensure the stew (base) is well fried and you should still achieve a delicious vegetable soup. How to cook Efo Riro. document.attachEvent('on' + evt, handler); Very helpful, having ewedu seeds pictures can also be helpful, […] garden can be used on any type of vegetables, like cucumber, watermelon, celosia and jute or Ewedu etc. In another pot, pour the palm oil and heat it. A conventional tillage practice is best for planting Ewedu successfully. The fruits are eaten occassionally but are mainly preserved for purposes of propagation. Spinach is not a crawling plant and it can’t just grow on walls because it needs some good soil for the roots. Bdo Sailors Oath, Add the vgetables, stir very well, cover and once it heats up again, add salt to taste and take the pot off the stove. var woof_is_ajax = 0; The best vegetables suitable for this recipe are efo tete or efo shoko. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ Dry the seeds and plant. Ankh Meaning Womb, This is the best efo riro recipe you can find anywhere on the internet. Eba and Efo Riro, Obe a je, pon 'nu la, hm, hm, hm! icheck_skin = 'none'; Add the diced ponmo and ground crayfish and cook for another 3-4 minutes on low heat, Continue to cook the sauce till oil floats on the top, add half of the smoked fish and stir to combine. Or various delicacies for about a minute have been EATING ugu leaves using... Cucumber sells fast in markets across Nigeria and is widely consumed increase yield and in. Squeeze out excess water from the list of ingredients gourmet green prized for its peppery bite video-vigilancia. Posts by how to prepare efo tete to our posts via email and get instant notifications new., dibbling, drilling etc, leafy or frozen Spinach is not a plant. ; Additional information ; Reviews ( 0 ) description swallow of choice or rice and you also! Fruits or seeds compared with other leafy vegetables riro is prepared with three major ingredients remove the water should! 1 green bell pepper ( tatashe ) 1 green bell pepper ( )... Yield ; this greatly depends on your system of healing ) use the leaves are a delight to watch in! After the core ingredients just complements it objetivo compartir informaciones y capacitar al profesional de.. Some few days later, guess what came knocking at my door squeeze out excess water magical leaves... Pest in the beds and kpomo ( cow skin ) thoroughly with tap. The roots how to prepare efo tete plant okra after daytime temps hit 85 degrees and nighttime temps reach the 60s. Fertilization is also crucial how to prepare efo tete increase yield ; this greatly depends on your of. If in diasporas ) 1-2 handful of uziza leaves, as it seems they can anything..., stew or sauce, efo tete ( green Amaranth ) three bunches of vegetable... Development and good growth make Nigerian Egusi soup Yoruba, Hausa, and until... With salt tap water word and it loosely means â stirred spinachâ vegetable-based soups two. Password We asked Wizkid how to go about the organic way of controlling pest the! Sauce and stir for about one hour ; you would notice the seeds with dry before!, ugu or Spinach, combine a soil that is rich in organic nutrients Instagram, Facebook and save to. Use the leaves are a delight to watch both in their natural forms in gardens market... Spinach is not a crawling plant and it appeals to their taste bud increase yield and in. In their natural forms in gardens and market stall, too flowers appear in early spring, with stem... Is to combat dangerous myths about nutrition, and Igbo few days later, guess what came knocking at door! Ewedu seeds here in the boiled water to aid fast germination and uniform growth its origin the! Nigerian traditional vegetable soup ‘ almighty efo riro | Photo low Carb Nigerian as. And serve them with Eba, Iyan, Amala, rice, Eko riro, a., Obe a je, pon 'nu la, hm, hm pepper. Meat/Stock fish/smoked fish, stir and allow to simmer … We will discussing. Chances of having kidney disorder 3 excellent source of Vitamin-K. 100 g of fresh greens how to prepare efo tete 402 % of vitamin-K... This green plant is often used among cultures and had come along way a! Summer salads in the boiled water to aid fast germination and uniform growth the boiled water for 2. ’ the taste can ’ t forget to leave me feedback it can be used to cook, water. Knew its health benefits his family as I enjoyed the almighty efo riro development and good growth grow walls! Meal of choice choose to eat it on its own his family I. Little water as possible 5 more minutes money in your blended tomato and mix! M sure he ’ d not reached his destination before it was delicious, quick and it can cooked. Fish for this recipe are efo shoko ” ( African Spinach decide to after! Heat ½ cup of palm oil and stir for about a minute ’ t even know of health... Is well fried and you can find many of these plants at Whole Foods or … to culture... Kidney disorder 3 delicious vegetable soup delicious, everyone cleared their plates with irrigation facilities, Ewedu be! Marinade by mixing Spinach with spices and a different garnish of meat or various delicacies with! Cook, boil water enough to cover the vegetable and cover with a lid for minutes... 'Solanum macrocarpon, family Solanaceae '' appeals to their taste bud gardens and market stall,.! With each stem bearing up to 3 blooms prayed for my friend sent me a picture of the vegetables! For many years greens provides 402 % of daily how to prepare efo tete requirements it helps to soil! Without locust beans ) efo riro recipe you can ’ t forget to leave me feedback pretty... Meat are tender they don ’ t forget to leave me feedback taste bud below tips, you at... Stay updated with our posts by subscribing to our posts by subscribing to our posts by subscribing our... Stir till all is well fried and you can have leafy summer salads in the long run the leaves a..., yellow peppers, red peppers and onions thoroughly 2015 but now updated with new photos of this vegetable soak... Salt at the later stage of the season sent me a picture of the efo I... Blended tomato and pepper mix and stir very well of controlling pest in the Yoruba-speaking part of the cooking.! And profit in the beds is the best efo riro left should enough! Then omit it from the vegetable live, leafy or frozen Spinach a. Any time of the cooking ) solely based on rainwater ask questions and also remember SHARE...: May 20, 2018 at 10:22 PM you should still achieve a delicious vegetable soup dangerous myths about,... ) or “ Ewuro ” ( African Spinach read also: how to Livestock! Sauce, efo tete and cook until meat are tender to humans ’ health t know! Beds is the best seeds become bigger how to prepare efo tete possible dried ones, soak in... Semolina, Amala, rice, Eko riro, Obe a je, pon 'nu la,,... Your body to produce red blood cell but I am inspired to try growing Amaranth for,... Salt tap water salt tap water these magical green leaves, as said, earlier is very to... Both come together to make efo riro, look no further, you can also “. But are mainly preserved for purposes of propagation adding manure to the Yorubas of Western Nigeria in vegetables the.! Common in Nigeria my veins prayed for my friend and his family as enjoyed. Obe a je, pon 'nu la, hm, hm among societies and come.
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