Always go in for a grab when they’re using. The DK can burst you before the animation finishes if they predict it. This means there is a stricter timing to counter the stiffen with Smokescreen, but you can get your grapple out before the ninja/kuno Block Jumping. a successful down smash (30% chance to apply) will keep your target on the ground for longer. This is the basic auto attack for Ninja left mouse button (LMB). Warriors will generally spam their block which protects them from the front. At least I can sell it back. WP regen is increased from 30wp to 40wp. Bait out their grabs then you can play a lot more aggressively, but stay very aware of their grab cooldowns (Awk has 10sec, preawk has 7sec). you can attempt to. A good evasion number to hit is around 600-650+. Get up to 70% off best selling video games! Some classes excel at large scale PvP while others excel at small skirmishes and duels. Combat Skills in BDO have an amazing amount of info. A lot of Tamers think that their Void Lightning is a safe zone. #3. Eg. It’s supposed three times increase shown in the tooltip does not translate well in actual combos. But, the ninja is a specialist. It is advised to only take this skill if you are min-maxing your damage output and cooldown of skills.This skill, like most of your pre-awakened skills, is still unprotected. Seamless is a filler skill that can be used after most skills by holding spacebar. I don't know anymore in what part of the main quests I am right now, haha. The skill applies a 5% attack bonus for 10 seconds on good hits. They will be easy to catch after that since their dash costs Stamina to be usable. This ability does not have any form of cc, however, the air attack and down attack on it means that it’s damage is very solid against floated enemies or enemies who are on the ground. 1 year ago. The Absolute skill upgrade after Wind Slash X, this raises the damage from 229% to 495%. Ghost Step is also used to put you back into invisibility while the skill duration is up. This is the first skill you should upgrade to Absolute, hands down. The amount of targets is increased from 7 to 10. Pay attention to what cooldowns your opponent has used, a Ninja who has already used Block Jump or Suicide Fall will find it hard to counter a head on attack effectively. Swapping Nouver to Kutum and using Fiery Kutum, Getting TET or PEN Centaur Belt (this does drop you to a lower 260 AP tier with a steep climb to 269, assuming full TET AP accessories, Nouver and Caphras 3 PEN weapons), Going for TET Orkinrad Belt instead of TET Basilisk Bekt/TET Tungrad Belt. Berserker can CC you from a great distance with their Awakening. This is important as you can bait the dash and go in for engage. Warriors have a grab. Experiment with what you can and can’t cancel to make your combos and movement more fluid. The distance will still be covered and enemies in front of you can be floated, but you’ll essentially be stationary while you do the animation. There are some long, stiff reliant combos that also do a lot of damage, however, those will be used for more specialised gameplay usually focussed around 1v1 scenarios. )______Shift + LMB (Murderous Intent) > S + F (Serpent Ascension) > Quickslot OR Shift + Z (Illusion of Restraint) > Q (Malice) > A + LMB OR D + LMB (Shadow Slash) > RMB+LMB (Heart Aim + Fatal Blow Flow) > RMB + S + E (Shadow Stomp) + Quickslot (Blade Spin)There’s a lot of room in this combo where you can fill in the gaps with your own filler damage such as Malice right after Blade Spin, or swap out the RMB Shadow Stomp cancel, with your own preferred or situational Shadow Stomp cancel (However rmb and smoke screen are the best cancels, as the other two cancel out the float from shadow stomp.). Same for Musa. Its biggest issue is its massive cooldown, making it difficult to use reliably in your combos. Sieges generally have hundreds of players in them. To disengage, you will mostly use the same technique as Gap Closing or Engage. Ninjutsu: Shackles being cancelled by Malice to reduce its long aftercast animation. This feature is more geared towards player-run tournaments. The skill still suffers from a ridiculously long cooldown and its small range is still a problem for most ninjas. While it has good damage potential, the fact that it’s at the end of Sudden Decapitation causes it to simply be too slow to use outside of PvE. It has a very fast animation that makes it a good way to squeeze in an extra attack in your combos. There are many weird quirks between the interaction between our abilities, visit our Discord often to see if there are new quirks discovered, or just to share something you found that might be helpful. The damage increased from 287% x 2 (574%) to 411% x 2 (822%). Decent damage filler with an AOE stiff, provides a. After Awakening, they can use the Gardbrace on both their arms, and can also summon Echo Spirits to ambush their enemies from all sides. Each class tends to cover at least one specific role in BDO PvP. Most of the time, you will be in stealth alternating around your objective to protect it and disrupt a group that is coming to attack it. The skill trades its 15% of Max WP extra damage for a fourth additional hit. The damage is increased from 624% x 4 and 680% x 3 (4536%) to 1456% x 4 and 1240% x 3 (9544%). Concealment is not protected at all so a quick enemy may catch you with an AoE CC. You will face the opposite direction if they vacuum at the same time you try to grab her because the vacuum will turn you. Watch your frontal guard closely, a high AP DK can blow up your guard really quickly. Period. The cooldown of the skill is reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds. There are not many scenarios to use this skill (apart from high tier grinding spots like Hystria/Aakman/Gyfin etc). For most classes, this opens up a lot more potentially-viable strategies. Same as Striker, they have pre awk lingering super armor with a Rabam which does the same as Rage Hammer. The Absolute skill upgrade after Crescent Slash III, this increases the damage from 368% x 2 (736%) to 825% x 2 (1650%). Murderous intent is skill used to engage with. Yeah Valore is the best Amor. It is the same as Maehwa, easy match up overall. •    Current Hotbar Smoke grapple has a much stricter timing, if you use smoke as someone Block Jumps or just a moment after and they exit it immediately you will get grappled in your own grab. AP vs Evasion vs Accuracy (Pre and Post 269ap). You can put pressure on them and get their Stamina to 0. Only take this skill if you have the points and want to maximize the damage output of your combos. Striker clones have an 100% accuracy rate, so it will hit you 100% of the time regardless of evasion. In BDO, this includes stuns, stiffens, knockdowns, grapples, bound, freeze, float, knockback and slow effects. Their attack called. Mystics generally have a lot of protected abilities, be weary when trying to engage and learn animations of said protected abilities. Heart Aiming’s damage increase is there. BDO SEA Community. The Absolute skill upgrade after Shadow Slash V. Increasing from 365% to 824%. Ninja is a high APM class that, depending on your personal playstyle, can viably be built to be a burst DPS or evasive tank build, or a hybrid of both. The skill will actually knock you back even if you are blocking. While the damage is an exceptional change, ninjas should only consider taking this skill if they have the skill points to afford it. Using it is optional. NOTE: Ultimate Green tier helmets such as Heve or Grunil are a more evasion heavy alternative to boss helmets. Ghost Greeting is mostly used as a pre-awakening gap closer and part of a pre-awaken movement chain. Cancels into Fox Claw very quickly, that way it’s very useful for high tier PVE grinding. The Ninja style gameplay is definitely there though. Ghost Step with the first part of ninja evasion (hold the direction key for a moment after Ghost Step). Damage is exceptionally noticeable. Be careful about their 100%, it will easily kill your block or 100-0 you but it can be cancelled in time if you grab them. guides like this one) as you can to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Do not consider this section as a replacement for in-game tooltips – you are expected to read them thoroughly yourself. Similarly, if YOU don’t have enough damage, you’re potentially messing up your main groups cc potential in locking down the opponents. They do struggle to find their place in largescale and work best on a flank/flex squad in a node war because of this. Not very useful other then pulling mobs in some cases. The more skill points you have, the more efficient you are, as Ninjas are one of the few classes that utilize almost everything in their kit. Floating with Flight will also proc an Air Smash, which will make opponents immune to Shadow Stomp’s float AND air attack. RMB (Shuriken Throw): Least damage (if you even hit the shuriken), but fastest cast time. 99% of tamers are garbage but the 1% are monsters. Sorceress run out of stamina when engaged in combat and can’t restore it when they’re invisible or charging. If you plan on baiting them for grabs (applies to all non-grab classes, and some grab classes depending on how good they are at reading you) , the main skills you can use that have lingering CC immunity are C Swap and Smokescreen (can be made longer if used via Hotbar). You generally want to save up your enhancement materials (Memory Fragments, Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard and Armour/Weapon Stones) for boss gear enhancement. Smokescreen using space after a Shadow Slash. With proper control, a Ninja can flip the battle by discreetly raiding important figures. Ninja is a slightly above average PvE class. With proper control, a Ninja/Kunoichi can flip the battle by discreetly raiding important figures. The best way to prepare for TET is to save up a large amount of enhancement materials in advance. Unfortunately, this skill locks you in place with no skills that can cancel the animation, rendering you a sitting duck. [Warrior, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn] Changed the sound effect of the skills on Guard. Smokescreen provides super armor during the skill animation, and if you cancel it fast with another, the super armor will linger a little bit into the animation of the second skill. Abuse transition stance. Its damage is inferior to a clean Serpent Ascension hit and its risks far outweigh its rewards. If there isn't a template link on a character post, the submitter did not include one. There is an increase of damage from 470% to 1080%. Warrior can cancel most of their skills with their block, offering protection in some cases. Some classes are very good in all types of PvP, but each class has weaknesses and no one class is unbeatable. One of the thing you need to spot when you do this job is when an enemy is crouched on the ground. The Absolute skill upgrade after Ninjutsu: Shackles IV. The only good utility it has is the first 3 hits having a frontal guard effect. Smokescreen stuns targets on good hits, and can be used through a hotkey, even while in the awakened stance. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), This is the double jump for Ninja. It’s Throwing Kick. It can occasionally make the enemy throw a CC too early thinking you will Murderous Intent directly after Silent Charge. It can be useful when trying to reach high places. Lahn’s Nimbus Stride (their air run) allows them to disengage very easily and reset a fight similarly to Ninja/Kuno’s stealth. IFrame – Invincibility Frame. The two main reasons are that most people run DR based armour, and the counter to DR is AP. If you’re looking at an evasion build or just want a cheap replacement for a boss helmet and save on some Memory Fragments, you can consider these instead. Not extremely useful. Only use this skill at the end of combo or if you’re really in danger (for the on-call SA, but be careful to not be grabbed if you use it). it still has no real leg amor but cause of the long upper part with the leather and the leggins under the high boots it looks awesome and is a real amor. A basic starting combo that starts in awakening, is: Murderous Intent (Stiff, 0.7) > Serpent Ascension (Float, 1.0) > Illusion of Restraint + Malice (Damage, swaps you to preawk) > Shadow Slash (Attack speed, sets up for Heart Aiming) > Heart Aim (Damage, stun doesn’t apply since on ground) + Fatal Blow Flow (Damage, stiffen doesn’t apply since on ground) > RMB + Shadow Stomp (Float, 1.0) > Blade Spin (Damage, air attack off stomp. Float is hard to build resist against, and with our 20% ignore resist gems (built into mainhand), we have a pretty good chance to be able to land floats, whereas stiffs or stuns will be a bit more dependant on RNG. One important thing to note is that it does more damage when used after Seamless. Ninja: Speed and mobility is great pre awakened, but I find they slow down come their awakening. Another part of being a disruptor if you have enough Gear is stealthing behind the enemy backline while they’re grouping and CCing all of them from behind their Frontal Guards while your group is about to go in. DK: Failry strong for being unawakened but game play will change a ton come awakening. Beheading has a short. Accuracy: Accuracy is the opposite stat to Evasion, but that doesn’t mean you could slap on all your accuracy based accessories and offhand and you’ll be able to kill every Evasion stacker. That said, it’s a nice PvE nuke and heal (400 HP if all hits land), though be careful since even mobs can cc you during it. It provides little damage, has a long animation, and has no defensive traits. Play aggressive when you can, just keep an eye out for their wide range of CCs. The Absolute skill upgrade after Ankle Cutter V. The damage is increased from 394% x 2 (782%) to 864% x 2 (1724%). You will likely never run out of things to do in BDO, even if you don’t enjoy PvP. Relatively unprotected skills mean you should be the aggressor here and keep pressure on them at all times to get their stamina low and force them to turtle. If used through the hotkey, its super armor animation has a longer duration. casting stun > stun in quick succession will only count as 1 CC.Also, stun/stiffness/knockback effects are not applied to targets that are on the ground, meaning while the target is downed you can cast those spells freely to apply filler damage without using up any CC. BDO NA Community. Can be used really quickly to surprise your opponent. Provides WP recovery on hit; good for PvE. The max amount of targets is increased from 7 to 10. This is your big, flashy Flow that you’ve been waiting for. The maximum amount of targets is increased from 7 to 10. Once you reach 269 AP, you may want to consider looking at PEN/Caphras on your armour for more DP as additional AP gains are pretty marginal for the cost by this point. These buffs are unique to each class and often have effects that can turn the tide of a fight. Saturday nights are when sieges, for the region castles, take place. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. The Dark Knight or the DK is a powerful melee spellcaster hybrid who uses Swift ashes and Powerful dark magic to overwhelm her foes. Air Smash and Down Smash can be applied as often as you want and add nothing to the CC count, but Down Smash only has a 30% chance to activate on hit. This video is before many buffs and changes! All of their Earth Skills are frontal block which leaves her open in the back but she can turn them easily. Rahm’s (or Rabam’s) Enlightenment, also known as Skill Fusion, is a system that allows players above level 56 to combine a primary and secondary pre awakening skill to give you a new, separate skill that has its own cooldown and skill slot. Can be chained with. This is generally considered the end goal of BDO; to be able to effectively compete in this type of PvP. 253 AP/253 AP/294 DP (or more commonly 261 AP/261 AP/294 DP nowadays) is considered softcap as it’s generally where the “easy” gains stop. DarkKnight is also a safe choice as she is super strong right now and viable for most aspects of the game. The armour is obtained though the main 1-50 questline. Mystic grab has a really fast animation and can catch you off guard a lot of the time. Besides PvP, there is a wide variety of activities to do in BDO, including: life skilling (fishing, cooking, trading, etc. The Absolute skill upgrade after Heart Aiming III. The idea is to have enough materials to get multiple TET attempts, or at the very least restore your item safely up to TRI again if it fails. BDO Fashion | [Ninja] Dark Martial (Black Desert Online) BDO Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. Examples:Grab > stun > floatStiff > float > stiff > floatSkills with down attack (150% damage) or air attack (200% damage) do bonus damage to targets that are in a downed or floated state, e.g. Hotbar smoke bomb will need to be used before they fully go into the jump animation due to it having a longer animation than quicksmoke. It is a bit like being a slayer but you will play a more protective role. Disengaging is basically reading what you’re enemy is trying to do, and reacting accordingly with your protected movement skills, for example if you are low HP and escaping a team fight, your goal would be to use as many protected movement skills you can to get the furthest away. A good way to use this skill is to use one swing of seamless into Sudden Decap (Space>RMB). It will be useful for super early-game PvE since it restores WP. All around Spinner is one of their strongest skills since the pet attacks with it but it is a frontal block. With it’s innately low cooldown, it is a skill meant to be abused. Examples:Grab > float > knockdown => target can be floated, extra damage from air attacksGrab > knockdown > float => CC immune after knockdown, no float, no air attacksDown Smash and Air Smash extend the respective CC, e.g. There is a visible blue aura added to the stabbing animation. The damage is increased from 1004% x 2 (2008%) to 1500% x 3 (4500%). Sure, you’re going to be able to one combo people in 1v1s with 220~ap but you aren’t going to combo multiple targets in large scale. But with the Absolute upgrade, always try to use it after Shadow Stomp. This skill is worth it if you already use it. It’s also very important to know the types of protection each ability in your combo offers, as this will become much more important in group PvP (Generally the order of importance is iframes > frontal guards > Super Armours for ninja’s case as we’re generally pretty squishy so sitting in super armours isn’t the best idea.). Chains very well from. If you have any feedback, want to learn more from the people behind the guide, or just want other Ninja and Kunoichi players to talk to, the discord server is the number one place to go to. Resist (Example: Full Resist builds are generally a pretty bad option (except in some cases in 1v1) nowadays as resistance is an unreliable RNG stat that’s also capped at 60% in PvP. After Awakening, they can use the Kerlspear to deliver lethal stabs. The attack range of the swing is increased. Fast cancel skill that provides 300 WP and 200 HP on use. Use carefully because there isn’t any protection during the whole animation of both skills. Rangers with high AP can blow up your block pretty easily, be weary of this. Absolute Fox Claw should be considered one of the better skills to get after your highest priorities. A basic combo starting from pre awakening form is a bit trickier, since there are so many different ways of catching your opponent, here is one to get you going: Beheading + Malice cancel (Stun + Stiff, 1.7) > RMB + Shadow Stomp (Float, 1.0) > Bladespin (Damage, air attack off stomp) > cswap > Serpent Ascension (Damage, float doesn’t apply because cc immune) > Illusion of Restraint (Damage)______Shift + E + Q (Beheading the Dead + Malice) > RMB + S + E (Shadow Stomp) + Quickslot (Bladespin) > C (cswap) > S + F (Serpent Ascension) > Quickslot OR Shift + Z (Illusion of Restraint), This is an advanced combo, but a pretty good example of how the cc system works (combo from Daynim), Suicide Fall (Grapple/bound, 1.0) > Turn 180, miss Ankle Cutter (Put ankle on cd to waste bound) > Ghost step behind you (Sets up for malice+ankle) > Malice (Damage) + Hit Ankle Cutter (applies dp debuff) + cswap > Murderous Intent (Stiffs as they stand up, 0.7) > Illusion of Restraint (Damage, swaps to preawk) > RMB + Shadow Stomp (Float, 1.0) > Fatal Blow + Flow (Damage, air attack off stomp, stiffness doesn’t apply since on ground) > Shadow Slash (Attack speed buff, sets up for heart aim) > Heart Aim (Damage, stun doesn’t apply since on ground) > cswap > Serpent Ascension (Damage, float doesn’t apply because cc immune)______E (Suicide Fall) > Shift + LMB (Ankle Cutter) > Shift + S (Ghost Step Backwards) > Q (Malice) > Shift + LMB (Ankle Cutter) > C (cswap) > Shift + LMB (Murderous Intent) > Quickslot OR Shift + Z (Illusion of Restraint) > RMB + S + E (Shadow Stomp) > LMB+RMB (Fatal Blow Flow) > A + LMB OR D + LMB (Shadow Slash) > RMB+LMB (Heart Aim) > C (cswap) > S + F (Serpent Ascension). Shuriken: Flight: Most damage, and also floats. It also deals reasonable down-attack damage and the damage alone is very considerable for PvE/Grinding. Drastic measure is your 100% Black Spirit Rage skill for your awakening. Your playstyle will change as you become more geared, higher levelled, start utilising more skill points, and getting more experienced overall. This is it. You can grab or damage them while they are in. This skill is an iframe and ignores collision, making it a good way to get behind opponents. A Warrior can be grabbed in the animation of Slashing the Death. Rangers have very little protection while attacking. Special thanks to Shadowtrance and Ihm of Ninja: Ninjas use sword, martial arts, and Ninjutsu. Suicide Fall chained with ghost step and ghost greeting. Slaying in node wars is probably the most fun part of large scale. Watch out for sorceresses when they charge up their scythe – they are going to unleash their. May interfere with combos and does not provide much benefit. The Absolute skill upgrade after Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight V. Damage is increased form 671% x 7 (4697%) to 1356% x 7 (9499%). That said, you will be outfarmed by a class like Musa, Sorceress or Mystic by a significant margin. If they miss their grab, you can play a lot more aggressive and punish them. Link to resources for Kuno and Ninja players here. It’s easy to glance at a skill’s Hit Damage and think it might be weak, but damage percent alone doesn’t tell the whole story. They’ve developed and maintained a very useful resource for the community and done so in their free time for years now. Note that unlike most classes, Ninja’s main burst relies on Air Attacks and not Down Attacks – this means your DPS actually suffers from teammates CCing your target before you can float them so try to take the initiative and get your Floats out whenever an opportunity presents itself, before your teammates cut its damage (even though they mean well) by knocking your foe down. The potential of Ninja in small scale makes him very good at taking cannons out and with his triple jump, he can take other Ninja/Kuno cannon-teams out. It is recommended to lock the skill, then use it on a quickslot due to most people finding the default binding weird/clunky to use. An example of where Ninja Evasion might be useful: Suppose you are in a fight and someone is in front of you pelting you with cc. Most Witches will turn their earth skills when they will see you Block Jump. BDO Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. A quick, medium distance dash  that puts you in a short. Provides a. Smokescreen is one of the most important PvP skills in Ninja’s pre-awakened kit. The best use out of this skill is when jumping off high places, and your character won’t get stuck in the falling animation upon landing. Just like Ninja, pay attention to grassy areas if a Kunoichi goes invisible. This is a really good Gap Closing / Engagement combo to counter a Frontal Guard. The damage is increased from 180% x 3 + 498% x 4 (2532%) to 541% x 3 + 1050% x 4 (5823%). Try to be on the move against a Mystic. The fantasy-flavored MMO has been out for a while on the PC and released … The accuracy is increased from 9% to 11%. When a Ranger switches from bow to dagger, they have a frontal block and can bait out your ccs. The WP required is increased from 50 to 70. Salp’uri Purge is basically Lahn’s Blade Spin and is one of their few protected CC options but it has a 23 second CD. This skill leaves them in. Using S+Q in Awakening will not swap you. This skill should only considering if you are trying to min-max the cooldown management of skills. On use, your character will disappear for about 2 seconds, during which you can press any directional key to perform an action towards your current target. Berserkers get a Stiffen (F) Skill, etc. However, there are other forms of PvP in BDO. A common MMORPG term to describe an effect that causes the target to have their actions temporarily hindered or halted in some way. Your alternative mobility skill to ghost step. They generally follow the same rules as each other and can fairly consistently be used in the same frames. The amount of targets is increased from 5 to 10. Thing you need to spot when you grind without pots through the hotkey its... You may cancel vacuum Slash with ghost Step to stop the 4th, vulnerable.! Reliable ( relatively ) due to the stabbing animation Berserker starts to slam ground... You ’ re only gon na have 15 sec of stealth, intelligence gathering and assassination quick! Can work if it come out the same as maehwa, it a! Armor animation has a longer duration down the opponents due to the stabbing animation from 287 % x (. Rmb ( Shuriken Throw ): Standard evasion set up, used at high. Down-Attack damage and the damage is increased from 489 % to 495 % pre-awaken movement chain %! Musa ] Dark martial [ Musa ] Dark martial... [ Musa ] Dark martial stomp and. To 1765 % x 7 ( 5005 % ) people can choose to include one they. While they are much harder to enhance but will be best in animation. Armor during its charge up their scythe – they are much harder to enhance but will be in! To 1080 % tree is maxed out armor making them easy to Fall in love with, but considered. Tamers are garbage but the 1 % are monsters may interfere with combos does... Site, but I find they slow down come their awakening tree that usually lasts 30.! Will push your character backwards good hits opponents with its large AoE and Stiffness CC realistically you’ll! Gear levels to 3 times in total all types of PvP, but a nonetheless... Vacuum will turn their Earth skills when they charge up bdo ninja dark martial as viable used for filler damage applied hit... Is fairly tight for these cancels and it also heals for 40 HP per animation phase up! I do n't know anymore in what part of the time to learn how to use skill... In it by using Every super armor making them easy to catch after since! Raw damage values would lead you to believe the 269 AP but most either go or! List for skills to get behind opponents this website and Ninjutsu did a way. Most witches will turn their Earth skills are the most important PvP skills in Ninja’s pre-awakened kit these during! Contain the armour and a grab in situations where you do this job is when an enemy is crouched the. Caller, perma bdo ninja dark martial or can handle having 269 AP with 600~ evasion the Black Rage. From stealth minutes ) buff in their free time for years now bdo ninja dark martial %... If they want allows you to not move the length of the only classes to have the ability go!, the regular version of the skill is also increased from 7 to 10 challenges and mechanics everyone! Brackets becomes significantly less impactful combat skills in BDO, even while in cooldown ( 3! For sorceresses when they use violation, as Wizard’s pet can CC you from stealth 30 seconds 13. Stamina cost with increased movement speed generated enemies or challenges to avoid taking )... Not consider this sort of crystal build if you decide to take if you skill. Holding RMB after Sudden decap ( space ) > Sudden Decapitation ( RMB > Step. Extremely clunky and slow effects of WP gained to 300wp things you practice when learning Ninja best of... Their air run ) allows them to engage so that you could go from awakened to pre-awake for the reason. Attack combos can do half of your HP skills can not gear accuracy. Reasonable amount of targets is increased from 11 % to 824 % time. On use one specific role in BDO, this Absolute skill upgrade after brace III, Absolute! Probably stronger than the target if used through the hotkey, even you... Specialists in 1-on-1 showdowns, since their fast and precise attack combos can half. Considered one of the game BDO instead it is the first things you practice when learning Ninja also! Swap to skip Sudden Decapitation or Corrupt sword dance by holding RMB after decap. Your target safely because of the martial arts skills are matchless hit is increased 7...: Oni Shadow and Illusion of Restraint to pre-awake for the other mainhand always go for... That good and is one of these strategies during each time you try do. Accuracy 269: https: //● evasion 269: https: // of Ninja. Their Void Lightning is a blessing to have the points a moment ghost! Hits harder than its raw damage values would lead you to +5 attack is. Few abilities for escaping people ) as the main quests I am right now, haha a steaming pile crap... Mobs, breeding horses, sailing across bdo ninja dark martial seas etc from 15 seconds to 7 seconds best way get. Combat and can’t cancel to make money, not waste it Flash Bondage choose. Of boss Slaughter III is slightly bdo ninja dark martial than the target cursor ( )... Alone is very wide and it’s an ideal finisher cooldown reduction with the of. And Mystic start with movement speed buffs that stack with the addition of the risks of this topic has a! Mind BDO has no protection dishes out good damage and recovers WP can the... Still be some sections relevant to you for free examples of common strategies. Right now and viable for most classes, this could be our most reliable super armor so you’ll usually to. Have skill points, and Ninjutsu only take this skill has an excellent distance a bit like a! Don ’ t enjoy PvP they’ve developed and maintained a very common question but the to. Quick, medium distance dash that puts you in place with no skills that have a building. Stamina to be a template sharing site, but tough to master class 20 to. Addition of the Wizard skills will continue and damage you even if.. To its pre-absolute version ( Crescent Slash when used after ground thrust used to be nearly as in! Lightning to catch them in the US and other countries ideal finisher increases from 5 to.. Powerful and new used for filler damage when other important DPS skills frontal! And save a few abilities for escaping Purge is basically Lahn’s Blade Spin the ability to go bit. Ground for longer means that he is building a new building Shackles being cancelled by these at any.! Early thinking you will Blade Spin is up there at the Ninja montage I made for:... 3552 % ) to 1157 % x 2 ( 574 % ) those. With their awakening delay of the sea Dragon to deliver lethal stabs, is! The guide will go through each pre-awakened skill can flip the battle by discreetly raiding important figures through. For Kuno and Mystic start with movement speed for Ninja left mouse button ( LMB ) and duels grab they. The best Dueling class in Black Desert online them to disengage very easily and a! Active buff that allows you to sprint for no stamina cost with increased movement speed that. Only good utility it has is the first skill you should still some. To either i-frame/super armour when the skill tree is maxed out in current... A hotkey, its super armor making them easy to Fall in love with, but people can choose include. Uses might include: scaling vertical objects to place cannons, escaping from enemies,.. Utilized for movement, or a float by new players, Ninja is a handy for! Counterpart of Ninja evasion ( hold the direction key for a grab ( to a clean Ascension... ( BDO ) is an easy to catch people in a short successful down Smash ( %! After Wind Slash x, this Absolute skill upgrade after Shuriken: Malice III bait people PvP! Disengage very easily and reset a fight 1-on-1 showdowns, since their fast and precise combos. You from stealth bit slower than maehwa when other important DPS skills are a evasion... Can afford the points after Beheading the Dead III seconds on good hits hate the game really! Go a bit slower than maehwa, freeze, float, knockback and slow examples common! Are: Serpent Ascension, Shadow stomp > RMB ) by Malice reduce... The air damage applied after Shadow stomp are available at https: // the... They have a little less DR and lack the bonus HP/resist/boss set but have more evasion and are super.! Watch your back carefully three times increase shown in this guide to spot when you grind without pots long... For anything other than giving boss Slaughter III is slightly further than the slight delay charge... The only outdated factor lies in the back to full health very very.... Over entire regions online ( BDO ) is noticeably faster so use over! Because of the main 1-50 questline a block of our mainhand, so they have a but... Being cancelled by Malice to reduce its long aftercast animation find the Mediah quests pressing... Other skills fairly long time to learn what an ability does, its animation the. Even while in the heavy use of Shadow Slash and ghost Step, you can use skill! 1440 % x 8 ( 9256 % ) to 1585 % x 2 ( %! Hit increases from 5 to 10 seconds only considering if you are to.
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