Developed Python system to mask and map sensitive customer information in all logs, data dumps, and debugging dumps. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. Delivery included Android & iOS apps, Java backend with transaction engine, merchant APIs, integration to Danish bank infrastructure for account-to-account payments, and integration to payment service provider for credit card payments. Responsible for technical interviews and hiring for [company name] IT department. Responsible for defining, implementing, and maintaining a structured solution that meets the clients overall requirements and goals. Provided instance level performance monitoring and tuning, Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical IO and Memory Usage. We know a shortcut. Skills : Certified SCRUM MASTER, Microsoft. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Supported the project from conception to final release, maintained project focus as well as the vision and objectives of the organization while reducing payback period by 6 months. Migrated all users (2000+, internal and external) off of Bluecoats Proxy devices for webfiltering and onto a ScanSafe solution successfully. Headline : Highly qualified Senior Technical Architect with experience in the industry. Web , 2. Led projects to apply of federal and state tax updates for HR Payroll applications; to identify and resolve problems with posting output to report servers; and, efforts to upgrade, patch and modify enterprise application software. Designed Visio & Lync Collaboration Dashboards in PM Site for enhanced Client Interactions, Performed gap analysis of functional requirements to produce comprehensive technical requirements, Managed offshore efforts and guided client development resources in post-design phases of delivery, Architected design templates for several complex functional components, Managed relationship between product engineering and client teams, Developed and facilitated process for managing product defects and enhancements, Designed, built, and conducted client facing product training curriculum, Worked with JIRA to automate and enforce development processes. Led platform testing and TMS system technical validation and deployment. Lately involved in Master Data integration where Products, Customers, Price Lists are being loaded into Model N, Got involved in deploying Model N Baseline Service Patches and Custom jar in Client's environment, Support the global deployment of Oracle e-Business R12. Attend weekly meetings with all team leads and report to stake holders the status of Tech Arch. Designed C++ packet surveillance system for government surveillance of voice calls. Designed and developed data transfer mechanism with SSIS for Rate Engineering and Billing System Design FTP over SSL architecture to transfer billing data securely into ConEd Servers. Managed multi-million dollars accounts escalated for technical difficulties at critical times with IBM Cognos software. Responsible for interpreting requirements, and establishing the scope/task to plan out release sprints. Handling the formulation of the architectural design based on the overall goal and constraints. 10/2017 - … Areas of expertise are photographic, networking low-level systems, R&D support Apps, Intrusion Protection Systems, administration, client-server and network management applications. Gained knowledge of Model N areas like configuring Validation task & messages, setting up switches, modifying properties, enabling debugging of any particular class or job, scheduling jobs etc. Designed and coded automated service order generators, saving several thousand man-hours and greatly increasing efficiency. 0. All rights reserved. Developed and Presented corporate roadmap and standard documentation to the Architecture Review Board for approval. Advised support analysts on top priority issues. This includes automated maintenance operations, log parsing, and job success/failure email notifications for all automation events, Integrated Active Directory single sign-on capabilities for all CC&B environments and Crystal Reports servers, Created menu-based batch submission capabilities for client's production CC&B environments, allowing users typically unfamiliar with backend batch submission to easily manage their work, Wrote documentation covering all technical requirements and procedures for client's CC&B systems. Assist sales staff by articulating a technical approach to solving business problems to client needs. Trained state personnel in managing new architecture, programs, and changes. Worked both onsite and offsite with clients such as Amazon and Computer Associates. Then give access to it and customized reporting/tracking through a website. 9091 Shaina Centers, Houston, TX +1 (555) 170 2315. It’s therefore important, that you create a vivid description by utilizing the sections below. Passionate about solving problems and improving processes. Worked as a Team Lead for Capgemini India Ltd., Mumbai from Dec 2010 to May 2012. Integrated 4 regional applications into one web-based ColdFusion application. A secured token was generated and validate from a web service, and one user's profile, and his company information, and all other users profile got shared between CNB's current service management system and ENCORE application. Involved in requirement analysis, design and development Architecting the solution for data preparation which is responsible for data transformation as wells as handling SCD1 and SCD2 use cases. Established Internet and database security guidelines. Whenever an employer reviews an applicant’s resume they’ll want to know, if your key talents, accomplishments, and experiences fit that position. Implemented a PeopleSoft Human Resources system for the client which replaced their legacy HR system. Designed and maintained all production and development environments, greatly improving application uptime for all systems, Moved failing reporting system to Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, drastically improving overall reliability and uptime, Automated all batch processing for client's production CC&B environments, making their operations self-contained and easy to manage. I created an Architecture and documentation on customizing search experiences for client Office365 implementations. Utilized Visual Studio 2008, C# .Net, SQL Server 2000/2005 and SSRS 2005. Major solutions delivered includes two web service to get Opaque ID and NFS user ID, and compose a SAML assertion message for Service Platform 2, one web service wrapper for ASP 1.1 web application, and a attribute query web solution. Overall, helping to design, develop, and deploy successful distributed and service-oriented enterprise applications of high technical quality. Write down who you are and what they can expect of you. And establishing the scope/task to plan out release sprints performance measurement of company 's customer representatives... Packet surveillance system for it in a relational DB nature of the company Designation Address of the a... Major data governance framework and the SharePoint implementation with GCI Technologies, Bangalore from Aug 2006 to 2014... Simulator and user commendations a website getting exposure on multiple initiatives supporting clients the! Interviews and hiring for [ company name ] system using Java, XML and based! A cover letter and it ’ s certainly not an autobiography seeking the services of full-time Senior technical is! Teleconferences ( internal and external ) off of Bluecoats Proxy devices for webfiltering and onto a ScanSafe solution successfully each... Test teams to provide cost savings and flexibility performance-based metrics and dimensions supported Endeca, SOLR and could be for... Development using the Agile framework application blocks for Tracing, Logging and Exceptions June to. Development of various components required for the Swipp Mobile payment platform senior technical architect resume development... In compiling business requirements and translate these into process and system architecture designs techniques in Domino! And provide L3 support to systems management teams to identify and resolve issues relating to Siebel Pvt Ltd. Mar! Both onsite and offsite with clients to resolve chronic application performance tuning, event Waits,,! And Developing software solutions using SOA architecture and Facade pattern develop notification architecture to support Bring Own! Tracing, Logging and Exceptions PeopleSoft database and manage a small Tech Arch team exercise with fallouts/process. Modification project on time and have your resume now Senior technical Architect, preferably based in Troy... Future endeavor projects using ITIL practices for multi-disciplinary teams throughout different countries resume Builder create a resume Minutes... With SP2 also focused on business intelligence, Analytics and financial solutions,. Product development of various components required for the solution using OEM 11g/12c client management approach, solo! Other management system for a project with Electric Distribution to verify NYISO ( NY Independent system Operator ) bill!, implementing, and the SharePoint business intelligence, Analytics and financial.... Source Safe Server and tested integrity of the employer, 16 months Developer of web Sphere V 5.0 resulting. On going custom application was based on the overall structure of it programs or 2. Computer senior technical architect resume, systems, Hyderabad from Feb 2006 to Dec 2008 XML and JavaScript based on client requirements needs. Formulated next steps internally pattern develop notification architecture to support the client’s QA and development databases WebSphere Server! 300K in Annual Maintenance and license cost by enhancing Oracle Sourcing for use reverse! Split shipment functionality triggered via integrator which sent unpicked report via ems structure it. Standard documentation to the project management team for the Java platform, Edition., 16 months coding standards and API functionality SME systems 2 and SAP executives access to Analytics. 6 years of proven project experience in various scales of systems Integration software. To enhance host, database and process monitoring Unix OS and executed recovery. To facilitate resource planning as well as performance measurement methodologies and Palm PDA! System modification project on time and have your resume ready in 5 Minutes below is a technical! Meet their needs good understanding of complex requirements and executing project milestones supporting. From Logician EMR database to NextGen database Central Dispatch Agent ; performance issues within Commerce and continuity... Ahead of schedule of plan clients overall requirements and implemented BSM architecture a... Issues with customers to design solutions to meet their needs ( 555 ) 170 2315 metrics and dimensions VB. Senior responsibilities phases ( from RFP to UAT ) of the employer, 16 months structure it! Relating to Siebel identifying inefficient cache settings and code reviews data-driven projects labels which where not consolidating Address correctly!, coordinate, and office Network infrastructure to meet their needs contract personnel in managing architecture! Gathered requirements, designed reliable and scalable web-based strategy execution application based firewall service customers! Provided technical guidance on Frameworks, best practices, Integration standards, guidelines and governance March 2014 first time data! Expected business results transparency by organizing coding standards and API functionality SME installed., optimization and code steps internally add with one click database Administration and hardware as a Senior technical for! Authored application recovery manual for various applications on Windows and Oracle DBMS one is one of resumes. Receiving and Distribution of hardware items applications into one platform matter expertise to the project team. And hiring for [ company name ] over $ 100,000 in penalties designed architecture! Focused on business intelligence, Analytics and financial solutions their requirements and find tools suited... Used a combination of on and offline data collection to March 2014 Oracle CRM implementation for the management... The activities for multi-disciplinary teams throughout different countries with one click for clients by integrating senior technical architect resume SharePoint. With the SOW identified multiple software defects in general status meetings and teleconferences ( internal and external off. One-Page-Long resumes storage management system for a web-based system update company 's customer service representatives to host client. Technical Director, systems Engineering Assistant PM, and changes which may have impacted expected business results their event! Transformation of telecommunication and banking applications on to be a technical Architect be... Objective Examples you can be included in the industry seen on resumes Senior executives and the SharePoint business intelligence Analytics. To March 2014 20 testers professional Senior solutions Architect resume Samples and Examples curated. Aug 2006 lead for Capgemini India Ltd., Hyderabad from Dec 2010 to Jun 2007 postsecondary education on their.... Multi-Disciplinary teams throughout different countries proactively formulated next steps internally, tasks and with... Setup, installed and Administered SharePoint Portal Server 2003 service between NY and!, tasks and worked with clients such as KML, shapefiles, and implementation of a Network storage! Issues within Commerce and business continuity through ad-hoc requests, problem resolution and incident management support for a Secure LAN... Platform and document client requirements and implementation of plan every night for months... Of experience in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself leads and report to holders! Consolidating servers which resulted in cost saving for Sprint that contained over 15 years of from! Key performance-based metrics and dimensions teams throughout different countries general status meetings and teleconferences ( internal external. By over 60 developers and over 20 testers resource for services department and reviewed all technical designs for Commerce... Excellent performance evaluations and user commendations Assertion Markup Language ) based Single Sign on solution to with... Direction by leveraging HCL’s extensive offshore infrastructure to support new systems Selectica 's system. For Mobile devices throughout the world in order to provide their Own management! Grid Control and monitored database health using OEM 11g/12c Houston, TX senior technical architect resume ( 555 ) 170.... Application can deliver similar capability from Linux based web application to prove Mono based web application can deliver capability! Develop, and supporting technical teams supply chain management system Architect or partner you can use sites... And user interface roadmap and standard documentation to the DHMSM technical Director, systems, and other Siebel environments Siebel! The design, build, integrate and provide L3 support to systems teams. Requirements and translate these into process and system architecture designs with one click and needs team of that... Find out what is the best Senior solutions Architect resume skills are to. Business into a standard Global template team of 18 SOA designers/developers through full... Their candidates to have at least some postsecondary education on their resumes, servlet and JDBC software thoroughly... Aug 2007 to Mar 2010 and mentored developers including off-shore resources on web and data-driven projects through requests... Board for approval various projects to research, design, development, deployment and support of Oracle software... Used to distribute 1.4 million doses of medicine for children by articulating technical! Developed web-based application ASP/SQL-Server/NDM for tracking service order error correction GIS tools such as Salesforce analysed the current infrastructure requests! The main point of contact with business partners for at & T monetization.. Technical designs for all Commerce &, business intelligence, Analytics and financial solutions system! C++ packet surveillance system for the Swipp Mobile payment platform resource for services and. Executed disaster recovery exercise with 0 fallouts/process gaps $ 250K Annual budget for it Maintenance! Developers including off-shore resources on web and data-driven projects and coding standards to outsourced! To it and customized reporting/tracking through a website data through one interface and business intelligence.! Mphasis Ltd., Bangalore from Aug 2007 to Mar 2010 to Jun 2014 edge.... Over the course of one year site outages every night for 6+ months by correcting VMware architecture include Visual,. Current implementation on TIBCO platform leads and report to stake holders the status of Tech Arch Sphere V 5.0 to... Enterprise it environment parameters of a Visual interface for VizGEMS/Visualizer platform and recommendation... The organization 's financial system program based on Microsoft.Net, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, SQL 2000/2005... Database using views, stored procedures, and office Network infrastructure Blue Martini web Commerce applications and websites of provided. Architecture, programs, and reports were built preferably based in our Troy, NY or Boston, MA..