If you’re an expat or tourist visiting the Philippines, you must have a health insurance plan. We are also on a WIC program that gives us checks for food for Breastfeeding and Baby Formula. Psychiatric. I've seen submissions for $113K and $48K already to my insurance...and I'm sure there are lots more! Quality of life in the Philippines is highly influenced by your income. Based on typical benchmarks for international cost-effectiveness analysis, defined in reference to the national GDP per capita (which was approximately US$8,200 in Mexico in … Log in. NICU and ancillary personnel salary comprised the largest proportion of the running costs. Friend of ours just had a baby and the stay was P2500 per day in a local private hospital in Manila.Much has to do with who the patient is, type of room, medical problem, etc, but I know Makati medicals private room, including all, can cost as much as P20,000 per day. Including Neonatologists, X-rays, Labs, medication, hospital stay etc. They look sticky or gelatinous as their skin is white and their veins are very visible. Join now. However, public and government hospitals may offer a cheaper price rate. Our LO 'cost' about $350,000 for 62 days in the hospital. Compare the Cost of Living in Manila with any other city in the world. The running cost of NICU care per patient per day was Rs 5450 (USdollar 125). The other thing was the neonatologists in our NICU were "out of network" even though the hospital was in network so I had to write all kinds of appeals. 168000 (USdollar 3800), Rs. Respiratory therapy, pharmacy services, and radiology each accounted for between 6% and 8%. Earned badges for 5 different things in one day (now you can say it was 6!). According to “Managed Care,” 65 to 70 percent of NICU infants stay in the special unit for an average of 20 days. Aidens total for everything came out to $16,500 per day. Just concentrate on getting them home. While in town, take time to learn the public transport system. We have 23 intensive and high dependency cots and 14 special care cots. Don't know, but I recently got a letter from my insurance company telling me they were billed for about $86,000 for a seven week stay. I'm looking for data on the number of babies delivered prematurely each year, the average number of days early, and the average cost per day of neonatal intensive care for these babies. NICU Level 3. More Comfortable Philippines Backpacking Budget. we paid about $60k for a 26 day stay in the special care nursery (3 days of that was in the actual NICU). His total bill for 13 weeks was close to 900,000 I think if I'm remembering right. Parents who do not have health insurance may be able to get NICU costs covered by Medicaid. Her NICU doctors billed $1500 a day for the high level and about $700 for the step down nursery. This average does not include surgeries or helicopter transports. I agree with another poster, don't worry about it now. Yep I'll just check them out of the NICU each day to be seen by a neo 10 min. This average does not include surgeries or helicopter transports. NICU Level 4. I think we were told that the average for basic NICU was around $7,000/day. City Average Price Starting Price Price Upto; Agra: Rs. For a hassle-free holiday, 1,500 PHP (35 USD) per day should be enough to cover your accommodation, food, local transport, and some activities. She was in the high level care facility for about half of the time, which cost more. That would include using air conditioner around eight hours per day.